Me and Wee: Happy Monday!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Monday!

Breakfast Fun
Hi friends!
Happy Monday! Chris let me have most of the weekend "off" so that I could get out and have some alone time. It was fabulous! On Saturday, I started my first sewing lesson. I've been dying to learn to sew and a wonderful woman who lives in the next town over teaches classes. We're making a basic skirt. I learned a lot but am still wondering how I'll ever remember how to thread the darned machine...the bobbin part is confusing to me. It doesn't help that my short-term memory is HORRIBLE. I see a lot of practice in my future. I'm excited though!
Sunday was spent getting a massage and then off to do some shopping to replace clothes that no longer fit. On your advice, I hit up Forever 21 for some trendy things and then my favorite Banana Republic and JCrew for jeans and basic shirts (things were on big-time sale, so that was a good reason too). It was a nice break to go out and about and not worry about rushing home for nap time or worrying about anything. Thanks Chris! You're the best!!! As always, I was happy to come home to you both.
Here's a photo of Paige and me at the start of the weekend; I look like poo, but it was first thing in the morning and Paige was smiley. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, greetings from Finland :)
I enjoy reading your blog very much! I've got a 10-month-old daughter, Bea, and it's just interesting to read about the life of someone from another culture, but nevertheless having same kinds of experiences...Life's small joys are sometimes so big as you know :)
Wishing you a lovely week!


Megan said...

Hi Saara!
Thanks for commenting and thanks for reading my blog! I agree, it's the little things that make a life; and are what make life great. A lovely week to you as well! :)

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