Me and Wee: Happy Easter!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Hi friends!
Happy belated Easter; I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Ours was fabulous. Here are some photos for you...starting with how Maren just couldn't keep her nose out of the Easter basket!

Easter Discovery

Before Mass

Me and Paige

Family Easter


Paty said...

I simply love all your pictures! She is adorable! Happy Easter!

b.a. said...

you look great!!! and miss thang looks SO MUCH like her daddy!(i'm sure you love hearing that) haha, my firstborn is a daddy's girl too.

EmmyLizzy said...

Cute cute cute! My little one has the same dress :) Quick question for you - how do you get those bows in Paige's hair? My Phoebe has just about as much (or as little) hair and I can't get anything to stay in it!

Megan said...

EmmyLizzy: I use superglue. Just kidding...I use the small bows that also have the metal pointy "beak" underneath. They seemed scary to me at they are a weapon. But, she never touches it when it's in and it grips those fine little hairs really well. She had to grow enough hair to have an "underlayer" at the top...just an extra layer of fuzz to grip on to. If it doesn't have the metal pointy beak then we can't get the bow to stay in. The bigger the bow, the more likely it is to come out as well. Hope that helps!

Sarah said...

Love the family polka dots!! Very, very cute.

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