Me and Wee: A friendly request

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A friendly request

Hi friends!
I have a favor to ask of you, my dear readers who have children, if you are willing to, could you send me a favorite digital photo (in high resolution) of your little one as a baby or toddler? Preferably looking at the camera or smiling? You see, I am going to print out the pictures and have them laminated and wirebound into a little book for Paige's birthday. She LOVES looking at babies and she has such delight in seeing other little smiling faces. I thought it would make for a fun gift and I know she would like it. You can email the photo to if you'd like to be part of Paige's little book. I promise not to sell the book or show it around to a bunch of people. It's for private use. I also plan to make a book with a picture of each family member smiling, with their name below the photo. That way she can learn who everyone is and can provide comfort if she's feeling insecure. Thanks so much for your help with my little birthday project!


Lor said...

Well, I sent you a couple photos. It's a fun project. I usually give Violette catalogues or brochures with babies (she loves it too). We have also received this small cardboard book which she loves : (Ours is in French but there is very little text).

Kristi from Pioneer Living said...

where do you want me to send it?

Unknown said...

Hi Kristi!
I included the email in the post; you can email it to:
Thanks so much!

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