Me and Wee: Easter 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter 2011


I know it's pretty late, but I had to put some favorite Easter photos up on the ol' blog for the sake of posterity. I didn't think Paige would understand the egg hunt. But the Easter bunny came in the morning and Paige figured it right out. We went to Paige's cousin's house later in the day and there was another egg hunt there! She became mildly obsessed with hunting for eggs; so we'll have to write to the Easter Bunny in hopes he will hide even more on Easter morning next year.






Here is a video of Paige's Easter Bunny egg hunt. We tell her to look for eggs and says a balloon is an egg. She then finds an egg that was a Playmobil toy, but I didn't want to correct her since I DID say to find the eggs. The rest was smooth sailing. I would say my favorite thing about this video is the victory gallop she does after each find, along with the scream of "egg!!" I love this girl.

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