Me and Wee: Here we are

Monday, May 23, 2011

Here we are


Hi friends!
Just wanted to check in and say hello; not too much new going on around here. I found this cool mobile here (the large version...and it says it's paper but the patterns look to be fabric glued onto paper?) and Chris installed it in P's playroom. The whole thing swings in circles and it creates a cool effect of fluttering butterflies around the sky.

Paige is busy reading about important topics.

And she's been "brushing" up on her hygiene basics.

Otherwise, we've been busy with her Occupational Therapy and Developmental Therapy appointments. It's been raining almost every day which is causing us great cabin fever! I'm looking forward to June and its "stable" weather. All is well here and we are so grateful.


Paty said...

Super cool! It is actually fabric onto paper... very cute!

Lor said...

I love the mobile!!

As for the rain, well, it's not fair, it hasn't been raining in WEEKS here in Paris (almost months actually) and we are beginning to miss a good rain which could clean the streets and turn the parks green (the grass is yellow, just like in August).

Anne said...

I love the butterflies hanging on the ceiling. Your kid is very adorable while reading her book and brushing her own teeth. All is well, just be healthy as always. :) Health Questions

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