Me and Wee: Party on!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Party on!

It's waaaaaay overdue, but figured I'd post some pictures from Paige's birthday party. We had it on a Saturday the week before she turned 2 and invited her little buddies from her playgroups. (about 3 or 4 other toddlers were in attendance). Her close family also came to celebrate; we had lots of brunch food and chose to do it between 10am-noon. That way, the kiddos could go home for their naps and not be overwhelmed from a long party. It proved to be just right and they all seemed to have fun running around playing. It was pouring rain outside, so we just put out some toy "stations" and let the kids go to it. I put out some dollar-store wooden masks and washable markers for the kids to decorate with, but they were mostly interested in just playing. Glad we kept things simple! Paige seemed to have great fun and had a lovely long nap afterward. I still can't believe she is two. sigh.

This is Paige's outfit and hair. She went barefoot. This is as fancy as she gets.

This is "Rocky." My parents gifted this beautiful cherry wooden duck rocker to Paige. My Dad's friend from work designed and made it! He used wood from a tree that had fallen on another friend's land. I love that. It is huge; Paige's feet barely touch and she's very tall. I love that she can grow into it as she loves it already and rocks at different times through the day...most rockers are too small for her. You can't see, but it has a gorgeous natural wooden seat that just gleams. We imagine that Rocky will be well loved and we hope one day our own grandchildren will enjoy him. (*tear*)

Here Paige is getting sung "Happy Birthday." She was enjoying a cracker at the time.

Obligatory family shot. She's wondering who these clowns are who keep bothering her while she has her delicious cupcake.

Cupcake goodness. Nom nom nom.

After her nap, Paige opened her gifts. This wooden train was gifted to her by Chris' parents. Another great heirloom toy keepsake. Paige loves it; the box car in the back has a sliding door and she can put things inside. The circus car has a gate at the back that lifts up and again, she can put her little animals inside it. The engine for the front has a little peg that is removable that is the train conductor. She loves pushing it all over the house and it rolls very easily. Check it out here. You can choose from a plethora of different train cars and even add to it for different holidays and birthdays. It's hand made by a friendly artisan...I find that super cool.

Here we are opening a present. She was saying "Woooooooow!" I have to laugh at the post-nap wild hair from having taken out the two pigtails...hee hee.


I got little drawstring bags and bought iron-on inkjet transfer paper. I designed alphabet letters for each party guest's first name, ironed them on and presto! Customized favor bags. Inspired by this. (although mine aren't as cool)

Our "theme" was "Animals on Parade." Chris had given me these cupcake toppers for Christmas and I based the party around them. They were made by Meri Meri, and I found a whole line of party decor based on them. We even used their invitations. I could have made everything myself but I'm just not that ambitious these days.

We stuck a banner on the mantel.

And we stuck a banner in the middle of the kitchen over the island.

I couldn't forget to use the banner from her first will make an appearance each year.

We also included tons and tons of balloons everywhere (pink, yellow, and a teal blue) to add to the festive feel. Hope you enjoyed our mini show from her party! I left out all the photos of the guests to protect privacy; but if you've been to one family/kid party you've been to them all. :)
A big thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with Little P! We had fun with you!


Home Sweet Home Place said...

First and foremost, Paige is completely adorable...from head to toe! Happy Birthday Paige!!
Second, great minds think alike! I am thinking about a similar theme for Charlotte's bday - spurred by a little trinket I picked up looong before she was born. I would love to know where you got the carousel!! Looks like a great party. What a lucky girl!!

Megan said...

Hey there! Thanks so much!!! I got the carousel also at Meri Meri. Here's the link:

Enjoy your planning! weeeee!

alicia said...

wow so fun! what great gifts too! yay for 2

Lor said...

How cute!
Wow, so that's how things get when you keep things simple, Megan :)!! Nice party, and I love all the wooden gifts, they will definitely last forever (Violette has some of my old toys, as your daughter probably does too).
Thank you for sharing this!

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