Me and Wee: 8 Months

Sunday, September 16, 2012

8 Months

8 months

8 months today!

Dear Little N.,
A few days ago you turned 8 months old!
I'm proud of you and all you've worked hard for this month...crawling (the belly/Army crawl), playing with your toys, and sprouting 2 little bottom teeth! Teething is proving to be much harder for you than it was your sister. You really feel the pain so you are suffering. I feel so bad! But, you're a trooper and are doing your best. Your sister doesn't feel pain the same way a typical person does, so she had an advantage!
You are still adorably chubby...a snuggly warm teddy bear! It's hard to put you down after I get to hold you. But I know you love exploring. We baby-proofed the family room so you can have your run of the place without worry. Now to teach your sister about putting her toys away after she plays with them EVERY TIME. You sure do like to bite on everything in sight!
Now that your sister is at school almost full time, I take you everywhere I go. You're my little sidekick. And you're a real pleasure to be with! I can be out all day long and you are so quiet and happy. You just like to "socialize" as strangers fawn all over you. I'm so lucky you are so easy to be with, so thanks for that! You continue to be a champion sleeper and napper and all around cutie pie; always in a good mood. I hope you stay this way!
Noah, you are such a sweet treasure. I love you to the moon and beyond; I wish I could bottle up this time with you and save it for always. Being with you is such a great joy, my precious.
I hope being with me is even half as wonderful for you. :)
I love you forever and always little one,

P.S. Here's a little video of you laughing and playing with your Daddy.  I'll never tire of your laugh.

8 months
8 months

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Sapphire said...

Gosh, he is just precious! Love to watch them grown and change as they come into themselves. I'm also so happy for you Megan that you are really present and aware of what a special time this is even though it is your second child. Many folks miss that the second time around. I hope I can have that same perspective one day. You're an awesome Mama!

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