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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Book of the Week


One thing I am a huge advocate of is the importance of reading to our children. Children can develop a love of learning and reading through the active listening from being read aloud to. I won't go into the heaps of research and advice about it...but I WILL cite my favorite book on the subject: The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease.
I got it for my e-reader and it's filled with inspirational advice about reading aloud to our children (even teens!) and what books are best for reading aloud for all age groups. I highly recommend it. So, if you're ever wondering what good books to read aloud are, start there! It's a treasure!

Paige has a lot of favorite books. But, I notice that each week she seems to favor one in particular that she wants read aloud all the time every day until she sort of tires of it. Then, she's onto a new one for the next week. Eventually, she always cycles back around. Ha!
Recently, her "book of the week" was "Stuck" by Oliver Jeffers.


This book is hysterical. It really appeals to a child's humor. I know I love reading it over and over (because I have a kid's humor!). The charming illustrations by Jeffers bring the humor to life...his simple lines bring so much personality to his characters. I never tire of his clever drawings!

Stuck, a page

The storyline revolves around Floyd and the fact that he got his kite stuck up in the tree...the hilarity ensues when he throws his favorite shoe up there to get the kite out...but that gets stuck too!

Stuck, a spread

Paige always managed loud laughter during this story. She even has a lot of it memorized and began using some of it's language in her daily life i.e.: "I'm SO delighted!"

Fun to read, fun to listen to AND learning new vocabulary? This book is a winner for us!


Laura said...

Looks like a wonderful book :) I'll look for it for my son.

Tam said...

this is Owen's favorite now too! We renewed it so many times from the library we decided to buy it!

We're also loving "room on the broom" and "little bunny foo foo the real story"

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