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Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Work

Howdy! Not too long ago, I put up some new work in the shop.

First up, are my multi-media fine art prints. I'm so excited and nervous to show these. This is my first real time showing my "fine-arty side." It's a vulnerable feeling, but exhilarating too. These were originally created in watercolor and pencil on high end Winsor & Newton watercolor paper in a 5 x 7 size. I created prints of them in an 8 x 10 size and a 5x7 size...heirloom quality with fade-proof inks...for sale here.
 buck and fawn

 mama and fawn by the apple tree

fawn and mama at the treeline
wagon bunnies
 Maine dory
bear cub in hat

 bird on a camera

Many of you know that I'm originally from Maine and I miss it very much (though I'm not far away). I'm very much inspired by nature's moody colors there and by the beautiful shapes and tones of the landscape. The majestic beauty of Maine's animals is not to be missed, so I like to highlight their shapes in silhouette. There is a wealth of beautiful subject matter to be found along Maine's rocky coasts and inland in her forests and mountains. It's hard to decide what to paint!
You will see that my style is very sparse, using very limited compositions and simple color washes. There's a lot of wet-on-wet use of the paint. (where I soak the paper with water for 20 minutes and then drop the color onto it). I combine this with the contrast of thick pencil lines which gives the work a folk art vibe that I love. These are great clustered together in a group for a family room, nursery, den, or office. More are definitely coming!

And, here are my latest letterpress additions to the shop. These designs surely must look familiar, but I've reinvented them as long tea-length notecards (4 x 9 inches). This allows for more room for writing and they make a unique impression. Folded notecards are fine, but I wanted to try something different and more memorable. I created one new design...the sand a flat notecard format. Beachy and fun if you like that sort of thing! :)
You can find all the letterpress stationery here.

Bird Nest stationery
Letterpress Bird nest stationery
cherry blossom branch
letterpress cherry blossom branch
Elephant Stationery
Letterpress Elephant Stationery

sand dollar stationery
letterpress sand dollar stationery
sand dollar stationery

I hope you enjoyed the little peek at my latest work! Hugs to all!


Lor said...

These are beautiful!
The other patterns too. I love the thickness of your papers.

Megan said...

Thanks so much!!! :) I have a thing for the thick paper!

Julia said...

It's all so beautiful! You are very talented!

Megan said...

Thanks Julia! I appreciate your kind words!

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