Me and Wee: Master Bathroom design

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Master Bathroom design

Hi friends!

We were so excited to put in a master bathroom over the past few months. We've wanted one since we moved here in 2005 and it's now here!
The whole space used to be all closet. There was one giant walk-in closet and then a doorway to a long skinny coat closet. We knocked down the wall between and but the bathroom in; but left room for a smaller walk in closet. I'm just thrilled to have a closet at all. The one we now have is my dream!
Here's a tour:
First, we go through the closet

And there we are!

Here's the shower...we went with a rain head and a hand-held that has a pivoting/rotating head.

Here's the tub. I wanted the bathroom to have a 1920s/30s  bungalow feel. We did a smaller tub in here; we have a big one in our other bathroom and it's hard to give the kiddos a bath in it. The smaller tub is the same depth, but more narrow and easier to lean in. There's a handset here too, for rinsing hair and soap, etc. It's useful for cleaning the tub as well. There's our new window! That wasn't there before either.

Here's the vanity! I wanted to add some architectural interest around the built-in mirror/cabinets.  The wall paint color? I'm not sure of the brand, but I know it's called "Palladian." I'm in love with the light fixture...another antique bungalow inspiration.

Here's what the faucets look like (again, going for more of an antique bungalow vibe):

And here is some tile detailing that goes around the tub and shower:

So that's it! We're so happy with it. I'm so grateful for it.
Thanks for touring with me! Now we just have to fully move in to the space!
I hope you have a great Tuesday!


Lor said...

I love the retro feel! And I LOOOOVE the shower!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lor! :)

Bathroom products said...

I love this bathroom, and the light it has! It's really nice and I think that it's perfectly located near the closet!


Bathrooms said...

This is really a nice bathroom designs .. I love the ideas of stylish designs of bathroom.. Thanks for the post.

Bernadette Pelayo said...

I love your closet! How big is it? It looks exactly like what I want in our master bath remodel.

Unknown said...

Bernadette, thanks! We don't live there anymore as we moved a year and a half ago; so I don't have dimensions for you. The walk-in closet was probably 10 foot by 8 foot after the renovation? I wish I knew for sure! I can tell you, for the bathroom, the shower was a three foot, and the tub was not a shortened one...we got the standard sizes for things so that it wasn't too small and squished feeling, but we also didn't get HUGE choices either.

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