Me and Wee: The Weekend: A Recap

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Weekend: A Recap

Hello! Welcome to a new week!
I hope you had a good weekend. Ours was nice. We had errands and we kept plenty busy.
Friday night we went to dinner at a local family place and had a nice time. Woot!

Saturday Paige and Chris went to their first day at Little Gym where Paige tried a gymnastics class and loved it. I guess she cried when it was time to go.
But, when she got home I did a hard-hitting interview with her:

That afternoon, Noah decided to not nap and screamed for a few hours. I carried him around and rocked him to no avail. I finally gave up and let him just crawl around the living room in his sleep sack. sigh.
 Later that evening, we discovered that our house is haunted. Just in time for Halloween! Please disregard the crazy mess that is the kitchen island. It's an endless task. It's scary in itself.

Things fell apart not long after we caught the ghost on video and everyone was crying and freaking out over something or other. Finally, bedtime came and there was much rejoicing.
(First, we said we'd barf if we heard one more fuss from a kiddo)
Wine break

Then we watched The Avengers and I thought it sucked. Parts of it made me giggle. But, I got to sit with Chris alone and actually watch a movie (despite us running upstairs to help Noah every time he woke up screaming for whatever reason)

And Sunday found us going to the mall (which Paige seems to LOVE). I used to hate the mall as a kid. Paige can't get enough. See her happy little gallop? She kept asking if we were going to go to "LOTS and LOTS of stores" in a hopeful way as if she were scared we were going to make her leave the precious mall that very minute.

She loves Anthropologie just like me. We fawned over the hair clips for a while and she loved touching everything and saying "this is bea-uuuu-tiful!!"
anthro visit

We also ate at P.F. Changs and made it through a fuss-free meal (for the most part). Noah enjoyed a tasty plate of plate. mmmm. Paige ate dumplings and colored.

After a bunch of shopping around we had a smoothie break where Paige decided we should "share" my drink (but she pretty much stole it like the thief she is). To her credit, she let me take sips of the drink that was supposed to be hers. Hmph. Noah just sat there and played with his paci. He's a trooper.
smoothie break

We got home in time for dinner, but Paige sat there and whined, fussed, and moaned about everything (without eating a bite) until I said "One more fuss and you're going to dinner." She kept on going, so off to bed she went. She wasn't hungry. So, her dinner is now going to be tomorrow's lunch. There was much crying and yelling, but she admitted she wanted to go to bed. I tell ya, I can only take SO MUCH fussing and moaning. AAAGGGHH!

Here's to a new week! And less fussing, darnit!

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val said...

I burst out laughing when Chris reacted to Paige's 'ghost.' Also thoroughly enjoyed the pic of you and Chris barfing. Here's to more day-in-the-life photos with the new phone! :)

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