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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Simple Ideas

Hey there!

So, the clutter in my kitchen is insane. I just can't seem to keep up. We get so much junk mail, school papers, school art projects...all kinds of little things. And it always ends up in piles on the island and kitchen table. AGGGGHHH! Then, I attack it but it always comes back. It's like The Blob (remember that movie?). If you don't hear from me after this, I may have been consumed by the piles never to be seen again until you try to find the latest electric bill.
kitchen table mess

island mess

I realized a lot of the pile was things I didn't want to get rid of, like special pieces of art or keepsakes, so I ran to Target and got these cool file boxes. One for Chris & me, one for Paige, and one for Noah. I have a folder for each year and I just stick things in the folder that I'd like to keep for them. Easy! Now, I just need to stick with it.
file folders

Next, I need to start filing away coupons in their own folders and deal with paying bills right away and I'll be sitting pretty. I'm mortified I just showed you my crazy mess, but it's a part of me. Like teenage acne or a bad perm. It's something to endure.
We also need a new table and chairs. Upholstered chairs and kids don't mix. They are disgusting right now. But I want a cool wood table and chairs and they have to be small. I haven't found anything that fits the bill yet, so we'll see.
Besides, it will be clean for a minute before Paige grabs all kinds of her crap and covers the table with it all. Ya gotta live life, right?

Playing Zoo

And look what we discovered! You can take that fast food drink carton thingie and use it for little animals! We had a ton of fun at our "zoo" and put the animals underneath in their "cages" where they have little windows to peek out.  Then, we pretended they were mountains and valleys, and then we flipped them over and pretended they were little pools for her marine animals. It was great, cheap imaginary fun. I saved those drinkholders so we could play "store" or "cafe" with them but that hasn't happened yet.  "Zoo" is a worthy choice, I think.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, the clutter. It's so good to know there are other countertops like ours. A while ago, there was one of those ecards floating around among friends' FB newsfeeds that said "Trying to clean a house with children in it is like trying to brush your teeth with oreos," and I do think truer words have never been spoken. Good luck with your new filing system!

Unknown said...

Wow! That is SO TRUE! It's just endless STUFF floating around. Mmmm. Oreos.... *drool*

Lor said...

:)) looks like my place!! also de-cluttering like crazy these days! love the boxes idea, thanks!

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