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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just another day

I am ONE!

There's Noah! He's saying "I'm ONE, bitches!"
Naw, not really. Well, he's ONE now, but he's not saying such filth. hee!
Today I was getting ready to take Noah to the doctor (his ONE year checkup! Wup Wuuup!) and I was trying to select his outfit in the laundry room. He came in and was playing with the dryer door and he shut the door against his little fingers. Poor thing cried...


Sigh. He did the puke-cry all over the clean laundry and the floor.
We were about to be late, so I put him in an outfit that managed to not get dirty and had to leave the mess behind for cleaning at a later time! Good thing the laundry room has a door! We don't want Maren the Wonder Dog to have a feast of that sort.
His checkup went well. 30 point-something inches long. 23 point something pounds. 18.5 inch noggin.
All is well! Until he had his 4 vaccinations, but he got over that pretty quick.

Now,  I'm home with a freshly cleaned laundry-room floor and all is well.

True Story.


Sapphire said...

Never a dull moment in the life of a Mama with little ones. You handled that one with flying colors! Knew just what was most important (the doc appt) and what could be left for later (the mess). I hope one day to be as wise as you!

Julia said...

Happy Birthday, Noah! And I love your cute!

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Poor baby - a squished finger and vaccinations all in one day - he looks wonderfully cheerful as always though!

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