Me and Wee: New Year, New Goals 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Goals 2013

Hunter Wellies

Happy New Year!!!!! I love a fresh start. Of course, it's not so fresh since I'm coming off of having the flu for several days, but I'll take it. How were your holidays? Ours were awesome. So much fun!

I'll post some photos of our Christmas highlights later on (just because I want to save them here in my "journal" for memory's sake.)

But today I wanted to write down and share my goals for the year. I'm thinking it's all fine and good to have some improvement goals but I also wanted to include FUN goals.

So, I went and got a ukulele. Yep. I want to learn to play ukulele. Not to be great at it, but to have fun with and to maybe sing some songs with the kids and such. It's totally just for me though.
1. Learn a whole song on ukulele and sing along while I play. Perhaps record myself playing and post it here so I have someone (you) to answer to. I have till the end of the year, but will likely do it before hand.
Bonus goal: write an original little ditty to sing and play.

My other plan is to lose my remaining 8 pounds of baby weight and try to get rid of my belly fat pouch that I have to suck in all the time in my photos. When I let it go, I look 5/6 months pregnant (I get asked if I'm pregnant ALL THE TIME). SOOOOO I have to get working on getting rid of it.

2. Start jogging and work my way up to at LEAST 6 miles by the end of the year. I made it attainable. I don't run or exercise, so I have to start slowly and see what happens.

And here are the rest of my little goal wishes:
3. Sew at least 3 projects on my new sewing machine (I got the super-awesome machine for Christmas before Noah was born, but then he came along and there's been no time to use it! But now I intend to carve some time out).

4. Attend church more regularly and participate in groups there/volunteer

5.Do a full year of "Deliberate Motherhood" blogging to focus on the beauty of motherhood and the challenges we must overcome.
Our first month's topic (for January) is "Acceptance."I plan to do several posts on this theme throughout the month. You can follow along with the book "Deliberate Motherhood: 12 Key Powers of Peace, Purpose, Order & Joy" and share your own thoughts in the comments or on your own blogs if you'd like. I love this book!

And along the blogging lines:
6. Blog on more of a regular schedule.
So, those are my goals for the year (aside from home decor improvement projects and other things house-related). I'm looking forward to working my way toward them!  Do you want to share your goals? Feel free! When you write them down, you are more likely to think of a plan for making them happen, right?

Happy New Year!! Let's DO this thang!

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val said...

my copy of Deliberate Motherhood arrives tomorrow! Looking forward to starting it :)

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