Me and Wee: Paige is sweet

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Paige is sweet

Isn't this a darling picture of Paige? I think it looks timeless. I love the sweet look on her face. Her band aid is from when she got stitches in her eyebrow after she slammed it into the edge of the kitchen island. booo.

This blog has been all about Noah lately, but Paige is still here and still so sweet. She's been busy with preschool and loving it. She comes home each day in a state of blissful upheaval (her hair askew...paint all over her arms)...all signs of a fun time at school. She's then a flurry of play until it's time for dinner and bed. I love that girl.

She's become so much more snuggly and I am loving it! She comes for hugs and even tells me she loves me all on her own. *sigh* Autism spectrum disorder has not counted out our chance for affection! And I'm so happy. What a lucky Mom I am. She's a treasure!


1 comment :

Lor said...

Very cute!
May daughter also seems to have her coat sleeves rolled up ALL THE TIME, and then, the coat gets too small. How fast do they grow??

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