Me and Wee: My favorite sound

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My favorite sound

This video shows my favorite sound in action. Magic! Paige had just had a bath and her Dad was about to put on her jammies. He can't resist blowing raspberries in her armpits to make her laugh. It never fails! You can see a little scrape on Paige's forehead...sigh...I feel so bad! I was adjusting her straps in her high chair and she lunged her head forward unexpectedly and it hit my thumbnail just so. It gave her a little scrape with which she cried and I felt soooooo horrible. I know it was an accident but nobody wants to see their baby cry from something they did, right? It's healing nicely already thank goodness!

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Stephanie said...

That just made my day! What a cute giggle. And don't feel too bad about the scratch -- it totally happens. I did it once by accident too and poor Charlotte just screamed and screamed. And another time, my husband was holding her in front of the computer, she pitched forward and smacked right into the corner of the desk. Ouch!

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