Me and Wee: A passing day

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A passing day

Pumpkin Bib

Hi friends!

Thanks for all your ideas for baby activities! Today we sang some new nursery rhymes and we went to the mall for a while to walk around. Lots of lights and music kept Paige very entertained. She's been enjoying looking at her books.
Reading is fun
I'll keep working on trying to get out and about each day... one commenter mentioned the days can be like the movie "Groundhog Day" if not careful. It's so true! It's my job to make it interesting and exciting and that's just hard at this point. I know it will improve once she can sit on her own, etc. Especially when she starts walking! I'll make sure to really enjoy things as they are now! Now that Halloween is over (the picture shows her in a fun Jack-O-Lantern bib her Godmommy sent her) we are thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'd love to get my shopping done ASAP in order to avoid holiday time crunch stress. We'll see if I can follow through! Paige decided to wear her cousin's sweater she borrowed to get into the spirit of things.

Is it Christmas yet?

Be well and we'll be back in this space soon!
P.S. You can see how my second watercolor painting from class turned out here.


Meladie said...

Oh, If little P likes books have you heard of the book called "The Napping House"? They sell it as a board book on Amazon. Super cute.

alicia said...

ah love the costume!

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