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Monday, November 2, 2009


Fall stroll
Fall road
Hi there!
Paige wanted to show you a few of the images we took from our walk today. There is finally a "bite" to the air and the peak foliage is over.
This morning we were playing and playing and she began fussing and fussing. sigh. I feel like each day is starting to be the same thing over and over. She must think so too. How many exciting things can you do with a 6 month old? I'm running out of tricks up my sleeve I guess. That's why I decided we needed to go for a nice long walk around our side of town. The sights kept us both entertained and now we're ready to face the rest of the day refreshed. Any other mamas care to comment on the little activities they do with their babes? (Paige spends a lot of time in her Jumperoo, then she spends time on the blanket rolling around the floor and grabbing at her toys, then maybe we'll read a short book and look at the pictures and we'll walk around the house looking at all the things as she learns about what they are. Lately she's been practicing sitting up alone and standing up while I hold her hands. Sometimes I'll sing Itsy Bitsy Spider while doing all the hand motions...which she loves. I'm now out of ideas!)

P.S. Paige went to her 6 month checkup the other day and she now weighs 17lbs and 12 oz...she is 28.75 inches tall. Still a tall lady!

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Stephanie said...

Your neighborhood is beautiful! We don't get the same briskness here or foliage. Charlotte would get bored together if we didn't have a lot to do (when I was still at home that is). I talked about this to a friend of mine with an older daughter. She just plans a lot of little outings. She also got into Stroller Strides, which is a great way to meet other moms in the area (and get exercise), and now they have playgroups. Not sure if they have that in your neck of the woods. I'm back to work now, but Charlotte still gets fussy if we don't keep her busy busy busy on the weekends!

EmmyLizzy said...

The same thing happens to me all the time, but my baby is only 3 months and can do even less than yours, so we really struggle for ideas! We've joined a lot of mommy groups - try, and i try to get out of the house everyday. We spend a lot of time cruising around Target!

Wanderluster said...

Paige is a tall girl! My Chloe is only 25.25" (short like mama, ha!). Activities... we do baby reading time at the local library and are taking swim classes. Chloe likes her exersaucer and rolling around on the floor too. We do nursery rhymes (Patty Cake, Old McDonald etc), sit in front of the mirror, practice sitting. I've also started "Baby Led Weaning" (you can read about it on my blog), and she really likes playing with food. Its tough trying to keep these little ones entertained!

Meladie said...

Do you have Gymbroee Play & Learn Center in your area? They have classes for babies with their moms:

These classes are really fun for the child and a bonding experience for the parents plus you will learn a bunch of games and songs to do with your child while meeting other parents with kids your child's age. They have free classes so you can give it a try for nothing.

Tara said...

My 6 month old gets bored as well. Sometimes after I tried everything else I will put her in her highchair and place different toys or food for her to play with. Have you tried fruit in the mesh holder or wagon wheels. I think she likes the view from the high chair and a bananna in the mesh bag kept her entertained for 1/2 hour while I did dishes. Also if you have any young kids in the neighborhood invite them over. Mine loves watching her cousin play.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god- I have been there- it's like the movie 'Groundhog Day'. I started having one "get in the car and go somewhere" activity every day to give us both something to do.

Now that I have two kids it's easier because the two-year old is a one-man show that TOTALLY entertains the 6-month-old. Not that I'm advocating this as your solution :)

Cara said...

I just wanted to recommend a couple of things (granted, they may not help immediately, but keep them in mind as Paige gets older)...

One is a book full of activities called The Toddler's Busy has simple things to do and also great advice on organizing a play area and arts/crafts area and such. (Baby Days: Activities, Ideas, and Games for Enjoying Daily Life with a Child Under Three is another good book).

I also highly recommend some kind of "treasure basket" that can keep a little one occupied for a few minutes while you do something else. Ours consisted of odds and ends from around the house of different textures and sounds (a spare cabinet knob, wooden spoon, scarf, rattle).

Sorry such a long post! Your girl is precious. ;-)

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