Me and Wee: Books galore

Friday, April 13, 2012

Books galore

Hi there! As promised, I am back today to share my favorite books that have gotten me through some tough moments with a young baby!

I consider these to be MUST-HAVES. We're talking MUST READ BEFORE baby arrives. This way, when something perplexes you, you may have something you've read about pop into your mind to help you. I wish I'd read all these before I had Paige, but I read them once I was desperate for help during her scream fits. Once I read these, I was able to curb our issues and move forward smoothly. Yay!

1. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth
This is my FAVORITE. It's very "sciencey" in the beginning. I read some of it and wanted to snore, so I skipped to the parts about the baby; newborn through 4 months. That's what's great about this can skip around and read what is going to be helpful for you in the moment without having to read the whole thing in order. I've followed his techniques to the letter and the kiddos are great sleepers thus far. I use it even now for Paige and am refreshing my reading now that Noah is in the mix. It's comforting and full of tips when you are at wits end about a new issue that pops up (inevitably).

2. Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp
This book is another MUST before baby arrives. If you are adopting an older child, you may not need this one. It's specific to newborn/more early infancy. This book focuses on how to most efficiently and effectively SOOTHE your baby when fussy or upset. It discusses the famous "5 S's"...Swaddle, Side, Swish/Sway, Shhhh, and Suck. But, it's not just knowing these that helps. It's HOW to do them properly and effectively and in exact order. For example, I was swaying Paige, but never in the right way. Once I followed the book's suggestions, she would settle right away. And I use all the techniques with Noah to soothe him before sleep time and he hasn't had any crying fits/rages. He's 3 months old tomorrow! Again, read this book before baby arrives and you'll be totally prepared from day one!

3. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg
This one is a combination of books 1 and 2 above. But, there's lots of other advice and information in it that I found very helpful. She mentions keeping to a sort of routine each day to maintain sanity, order and expectation for you and baby. I loved having this book in tandem with the others. You can read it before baby and it's helpful once baby has lots of great simple advice and I highly recommend it!

4. Supernanny: How to get the best from your children by Jo Frost
This book has been helpful with Paige when she was about a year old and beyond. It discusses more about good hygiene habits, eating, discipline, etc. It's written in a really simple and helpful way. Not a must-have, but I feel it's a good read.

Of course, I have the "What to Expect" series...helpful, but the small anecdotes always leaving me wanting more information. I prefer the Dr. Spock sort of medical manuals for the nuts & bolts of baby/child care. The information is a little more expanded and a bit easier to find.

So, those are my top picks! I've read a ton of different books, but those are my "bibles" and feel that you can conquer anything with them. LOL.
Hope you find this little list helpful!!!


Valery said...

awesome! I had the first two already on my list (I remember you raving about them before) but added the baby whisperer after this post. Thanks!

Sapphire said...

Any chance we could get you to give us your babies favorite toys list? Or is it too early to tell with Noah only being 3 mos old? Also you know what's really HARD - finding food ideas for lunches! I mean dinner is tough enough but lunches I just can't master. Any help would be appreciated!

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