Me and Wee: Treasured Moment

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Treasured Moment

Yesterday I poured Paige some orange juice into her requested "princess cup." She sort of snatched it from me to take a drink and I said "Ohhh, it seems to me that you forgot to say Thank You to Mama for your juice....what do you say?"
Paige: "Oooops?"

Bravo, Paige. Bravo.


Lor said...

I love it!
Once, on a plane, I heard a kid asking for a drink. The fight attendant, a young guy apparently used to dealing with kids gave him the drink and said : "So... what is the magic word...?" and the kid answered (in French) : "Abracadabra?"

Talita said...

Adorable! So smart :)

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