Me and Wee: Three!

Monday, April 30, 2012


Enjoying the Birthday song and ready to blow out the candles! (You got them all in one puff!)

Dear Little P,
My little darling, on Saturday you turned three! It seems like yesterday you were a soft squishy new baby in my awkward arms. And now you are running, jumping, laughing and joking. You are a marvel!
Paige, you are so energetic and inventive. You always make up a new fantasy world to play in--whether we are flying in helicopters to "jungle supper" (Rainforest Cafe) or hiding from the "happy volcano."
You are so sweet, polite, and gentle--I've never seen you exhibit one iota of malice toward anyone. You are just so cheerful and always up to try anything. Especially if it looks daring, adventurous and fun.
This past year you have really blossomed into all you can be. You've made beautiful progress in your speech and sensory issues. One would never know you'd struggled! You're quite the chatterbox now.
You're smart as a know all your letters and you can recognize them all by sight and you know every sound. You can tell us the beginning letter of any word we give you. You also know your numbers (one through fourteen) and you can identify them and even do subtraction. I don't know how you picked up on it! You just seem to absorb anything you see. You have an amazing memory--lucky duck--and I believe it will serve you well. You have a special talent for putting puzzles together. You can bang out a 25 piece or more puzzle like it's nothing! I'll try to do a puzzle with you, but you always end up having to help me. Ha!
Paige, being your Mama is such an honor and a blessing. You are truly a  joy to be with and an overall wonderful person. Your cheerful smile and sunny outlook make my days complete. One hug from you can set my racing heart at ease.
You became a big sister to Noah this year. I've been proud to watch you be so loving, gentle and caring toward your brother. You've never been jealous or mean. You always seem so happy to see him and give him a kiss. He's lucky to have such a doting big sister!
I'm so proud of all the hard work you've done this year and am excited for all the fun things that are next. You started preschool today and I can tell you love it; so I'll do the next post about that. Preschool is only one exciting new adventure...many more are to come!
I want you to know that you are my shining star and always will be. You're a wonderful daughter, sister and friend. May this year bring you much joy and wonder. Thank you for being you---you make my every day all the more special because of that. I love you always and forever.
Happy third birthday Paigie.
I love you,

Proof that I was at the party

Nana and Grampa gave you some cool dino toys

We had your party at Jam Time and cousin M loved the dollhouse!

You got your arm painted with a frog and the other arm got a dinosaur

Grammie got in the ball pit with you and cousin C while a friend played too

The Farm toy set is always a hit!
Nana and Grampa came too...and hung out with baby Noah

The toy train and table hockey are always fun

Guests enjoyed fun stuff to do

J.T. the Moose visited you. This is as close as you got.



Out of steam!

We got you a tricycle. You still can't pedal it yet, but you'll come around!


Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Such a great chronicle for Miss P. She sounds like she's really blossomed this year. Happy birthday Paige!

Lor said...

What a great party!
Happy Birthday little P! I feel like I know you since you were born, so it is amazing to see you are already 3!!

Julia said...

Awe such a sweet party! Happy 3rd Birthday Paige!

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