Me and Wee: Noah's hands

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Noah's hands

Noah has discovered his hands today! At least, the left one.
Here's a boring video of him using his left to play with a toy. But it's a first, so I'm happy to have it documented, lol.

I had a successful doctor visit yesterday...I'm now on Celexa (waiting the 2-3 weeks for it to kick in) and she gave me Ativan to take as needed during "episodes." I tried one yesterday and that stuff is no joke. I will reserve it for sleepless nights. It made me way too sedated for functioning during the day. I looked drunk. Or better yet, I looked like Paula Abdul during her American Idol tirades. Creepy!

I'm excited to *hopefully* feel more relaxed and calm in the coming weeks. *happy dance!*


Allison said...

I take Celexa (citalopram) and it is wonderful! I took it after my 1st was born 2 1/2 yrs ago and went right back on after my second was born last Nov. It kicked in for me pretty quick so you may not have to wait long! Good luck...being a mommy to little ones is not easy;)

Valery said...

Gah! What a cutie!! I love the gangsta-like formation he does with his right hand at like the 30 second mark. lol

Lor said...

Oh I love these moments! How cute!

Kim Szadek said...

I was on Celexa for a few months and it really calmed my nerves and helped me feel the good and positive emotions that I neede dto.

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