Me and Wee: 13 months

Friday, February 15, 2013

13 months

After Noah's first haircut

Dear Little N.,

You're 13 months old! WootWoot!!!!
The biggest news is that you are getting more brave and can stand without holding anything for a couple seconds. You've even taken a few shuffle-steps on your own (3-5 steps at a time!). Paige learned to walk around 13.5 months and you seem to be on the same time track.
You also had your first haircut this week and you were a champ. Sat so nicely with Daddy and looked like a big boy. (sniffle).
It has been a hard month too because you've been battling double ear infections, a bad cold/cough, and just overall fussiness. You've taken to going to bed fitfully and crying a lot which always ends up with you throwing up everywhere (EVERY NIGHT!) I don't understand what happened and why you feel so lowsy!? Poor thing.
In the meantime, you are still incredibly sweet and adorable...loving and fun. We are figuring out how to make our routine together fun and rewarding for both of us. So many changes!
I wish I could keep you a little baby forever, but you are bursting with such promise and pride with what's to come. I'm so excited for you.
It's wonderful being with you in this time of your life; how lucky am I? What a blessing to kiss those adorable cheeks every day. I could swim in those eyes for eternity.
I love you always and forever,

Little Ps first haircut

Noah's First Haircut

I just flew in from Boise and boy are my arms tired!


Stephanie said...

Oh - that last picture of that little head in that big body had me laughing so hard. Noah is such a cute baby - I can definitely see some Paige in him too!

I hope his illnesses are over soon and he's back to be his happy (sleeping!) self.

Stephanie said...

That picture of that tiny head with that big body had me laughing so hard!

Noah is so cute, and I can definitely see some Paige in him.

Here's hoping he feels better soon and that he's back to his happy self.

Carie said...

I love that last picture, it's just priceless! Noah seems to get bigger and cuter in every picture.

Megan @Me & Wee said...

Thanks! I was laughing so hard taking that last picture. It looks like he's telling a joke or something. Wocka Wocka Wocka! :)

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