Me and Wee: Seeing the Everyday

Monday, February 4, 2013

Seeing the Everyday


The Value Of A Day from seeing the everyday on Vimeo.


Lor said...


(It mostly reminds me of how easy it was with only one child!!!)

Nicole said...

Love the comment above- I thought the same thing about 1 child. This was beautiful.
I'd like to see the video when the Mom has 2 kids that are sick and Dad travels all the time for work... :)

Unknown said...

LOL to both of you. True, true. I wanna see the beauty in those things as well. sigh.

Lor said...

Still, I have seen this video a few days ago, and it resonates in me. I was just washing my baby the other day and tried not to rush things, enjoy the moment etc. Thank you for sharing it!

val said...

Thanks for sharing, I loved this! Would easily sit and watch it five times in a row and hope that helps it sink in ;)

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