Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not so wee...

Dear Little P.,
Hi sweet one! I got back from the doctor a little while ago and I got to see you on the ultrasound! Boy, are you cute! You waved your arms at me and I noticed they look like real, plump little baby arms! You are growing so well. Any chance I get to take a peek at you is a real gift. Anyway, after seeing you, the doctor came in and told me you already weigh 2 lbs. 8 oz. and are in the 90th percentile for your growth. He said you are a "big baby." He didn't seem worried, rather, he was thrilled at how well you are doing and said that your growth may level out later on so just because you seem large now doesn't mean you will be the same when you are born. I'm just so happy you are thriving and kicking. I swore I saw a disco ball in there, but I think you hid it from me at the last second. That's ok, I know you need your own privacy so I won't snoop around. Today they also screened me for gestational diabetes and I'll find out the results sometime tomorrow. I fear your size may have a link to g.d. but we'll know for sure later. No point worrying yet! Daddy is excited about the appointment as well and he's looking forward to coming home from work to talk to you and make you wiggle. I know how you love his are most active when Dad is talking to you. He thought he could hear your little heart beating when he listened through my stomach the other night. It's just another way we get to interact with you a little before you come out. We're just so excited! I have a lot of thoughts on my mind about you and your upcoming arrival, but I won't write them all here just now. I know your little eyes can only see so much and your Mama likes to yammer on and on and on. Just know that we love you so much and want you to stay safe and warm in your little cocoon for as long as possible. We think of you always and love you the same.


alicia said...

I am glad she is doing well and is healthy! i hope the dibetes stay away!

Nikole said...

glad she is doing well! i hope your gd test is negative. remember that ultrasound measurements can be waaaaay off. thea measured over a pound heavier on ultrasound than she did just a couple days later when she was born. even if she is a big baby, hopefully there's no link with the gd. keeping everything crossed for you! xoxo

Cara said...

Hi! I had to come check out this blog after seeing the gorgeous pictures of your nursery on Ohdeehoh today.
I just felt the need to comment because I read some of the other posts about your struggles to become pregnant, and they really struck a chord and reminded me of my own journey.
My husband and I tried for several years to conceive...went thru fertility treatments and the whole shebang...and at long last, we were blessed with a baby boy last April. When I held him in my arms for the first time, even exhausted as I was from a long labor and C-section, it was ALL more than worth it and I would have gone thru all the tears, the longing, all of the pain many times over again just to reach that moment of holding my son.
Now he'll be one year old in a couple of months! How time flies!
Anyway, what I'm trying (very long-windedly) to say I guess is congratulations and revel in every second!

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