Me and Wee: Preschool!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012



Yesterday was a huge milestone for Paige--her first day of preschool!
And it went excellently. We'd prepared her for a few weeks; letting her know that she'd "go on the bus by herself" and head off to preschool to meet her teacher who'd be waiting at the bus area. We got to go in last week to meet her teacher and play in the class for an hour. That really helped her know what to expect and got her very excited to go back. (I loved it there! And her teacher is so awesome!) So, yesterday, once she got her coat and backpack on she was psyched to go! She ran right up onto the bus and the driver strapped her into the carseat. I told her to have a great day and I would see her very soon when the bus brought her back. She said "bye bye Mammeeee! See you soon!" I ran up to the porch and watched the bus back out of the driveway as she stared out the window at me. I waved and blew her a kiss through tears while she started to wave back.
I don't really know what happened at school since she can't quite articulate all the activities of the day yet, but she seemed bright and happy when she got home. We then had lunch and she had her nap...a looooong nap. Her teacher called me right away in the morning to let me know she got in ok and that she'd settled right in to the day's activities without a problem. Phew! Looks like we're in for a successful school time!
It was hard to say goodbye to my baby and send her off on the bus, but I'm also very happy for her. She's having quite the adventure! And I got some time in the morning to get chores done (and have a slice of leisure time while Noah napped).
She will go 4 days per week (Mon-Thurs) all mornings. 2 of the days will be the full class and 2 of the days will be spent in a small class setting so she can work on social skills and such. I have to get used to having her gone for half of the day; it's too soon! It's too soon!!!! sigh



Sapphire said...

Big adjustments like these are always challenging but you are handling it well Mama! There are so many positives in this situation: Little P getting to socialize with other kids and stretch herself in new ways, you'll have more 1:1 time with Noah and some balance with a little time for yourself, and you probably won't be as stressed out since you'll have some time to get caught up on chores. I guess what I'm trying to say is while it is sad that Paige won't be around as much there are more positive things happening from this change so hopefully those positive things will help you let go easier. You have done such a great job raising Paige and it shows!

val said...

First I have to say that Paige is wearing the cutest boots ever! Second, a milestone like this is definitely bittersweet but sounds like you are hanging in there! :)

graceandme said...

Such a milestone, you've come a long way together. She's looking cute as ever, love the little owl backpack!

Lissa914us said...

I'm so happy for her! It's such a fun time for kids. I'm on the next step, just sat through a kindergarten transition IEP meeting for 2 hours. We have to try to predict where she is going to be and what services she's going to need in the fall. We have to plan out every part of her day from transportation, specials (art, music, and library), to lunch and recess times in the general public, time in reg Education classroom and what kind of support in the classroom. That is on top of all the "other" spec ed services. It's going to be a fun ride! I can't wait. There is so much to be a parent of kids who needs extra help and support. It's so nice to see you doing the very best for her and hope she loves it.

Lor said...

How trendy! I love her boots and bag!

It is GREAT, Megan, I think she is having fun and you have the extra time you deserve, then you have her all afternoons anyway. It took me a little time to adjust to that, too, but now I must say I love it :).

It seems like a great school/program!

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