Me and Wee: Firsts

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


First solids! blech
Last week, Noah got his first taste of solids (Rice Cereal to be exact). It's more for him to practice using his mouth with a spoon and swallowing than it is to taste the food. It's pretty gross and I don't blame him for his lack of excitement over the whole thing! He's to try it once per day for the next little while as he gets the hang of it. Maybe I'll try to feed him something a little bit tastier; I feel bad for the fella.
Noah's first solids

On Sunday, Noah also had another first: Rolling over from his back to belly! He's been trying for a while now, but he finally got it! And I got the camera just in time to catch the finish of his big roll. I didn't think he'd be able to do it; and then there he was looking up at me! So, 2 more firsts are checked off as he grows. sigh. I wish I could keep you little, my little snuggle bear.

his first roll over
Right when he finished the roll

His first roll over
Ma, did you totally just see that?

His first roll-over
I'm awesome!


val said...

Love his expressions!

Canny-Cole said...

just started to follow you! How old is your LO!? He's soo precious. My LO is 5 months 1 week Today! We started the rice cereal too! ANd i have the same playmat as you do!! Isn't it THE BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?! My little guy can sit there for 20 minutes...and that is the longest he will stay in ANYTHING!! LOL

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