Me and Wee: On Stay-at-home Motherhood and Positivity

Monday, May 21, 2012

On Stay-at-home Motherhood and Positivity

Hi friends!
The past several months have been so heart-warming and wonderful. Alternately, there have been many challenging moments filled with frustration and exhaustion. Being a stay-at-home mother to a three-year-old and an infant can be a physical and emotional tornado (as most people can understand). Being home all day, without the trappings of "water-cooler chat" at the office or lunch breaks with fun co-workers can be very isolating and lonely. Your sense of autonomy is easily vanquished and you start to forget the last time you had a funny conversation with a friend or came up with your own witty tidbits to make a peer laugh. It's easy to get tired and fall into a bit of a slump. But, in times like this, I take heart knowing that I am living up to my potential as best I can in this role I've been blessed with. Sometimes things aren't always how I want them or would like them to be but I know I am fulfilling my duties in this season of my life with as much humor, wit, and graciousness as I can. I am grateful. I am honored. When days are long and I'm feeling sloppy (and it's day 4 or wearing some version of sweatpants and a formula-dribbled t-shirt) I like to remind myself about staying positive and grateful. A trick I use? I tell myself "I get to." For example, instead of saying "I have to get up and feed the baby," I say "I GET to get up and feed the baby." It works on many levels and conditions and ALWAYS forces me to turn things around by adding more spring to my step.
I have to go to the grocery store......I GET to go to the grocery store
I have to clean the kitchen...............I GET to clean the kitchen
I have to change the diaper..............I GET to change the diaper
I have to go to work.........................I GET to go to work (for those that do)
I have to make lunch for the kids....I GET to make lunch for the kids

It's a simple little trick that doesn't seem like much, but makes a big impact when it's practiced. I'm no expert at it yet, but I'm trying and I believe it will become second nature before long. See how it can change your day; see if it doesn't give you just a little lift too.

Here's a tender moment of Paige shampooing her brother's hair. One of life's rewarding moments to witness.


Julia said...

Great post today! We all need to be reminded to stay positive and grateful especially us stay-a-home mom's who get into a bit of a slump at times! Great reminder...thanks for sharing!

Lor said...

One more of your great posts I relate to... To that I can add "work-from-home-mom" and a lot of stress (but my children are not with me everyday so I get these moments "for me" although they feel more like a race) and I try to feel like you do. I also wear the sweatpants and co, and feel close to dispair when I must tell my "almost 4 years old" to get into the bath for the 18th time while the baby screams................................. But let's enjoy the good moments!

Talita said...

Yes, we need to be grateful. When it is hard to get my son sleeping, I try to remember how much I longed for that moment. And the picture is so beautiful. Love it.

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