Me and Wee: Lights on

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lights on

We've lived in our house for almost exactly 7 years and haven't done anything yet to make it "ours." The house was only 2 years old when we bought it and all the choices and window treatments are from the previous owners. We're finally getting around to making some changes around here, so as we go ahead I'll be sure to show you some before and afters.
 lights before
I hated these brass-colored candle light fixture thingies over the mantle. Barf. They are fine for someone else; just not for me. (Don't you also love all the random crap we threw on the mantle? It's mostly sticker books that I don't want Paige going nutzo with when I'm not looking.)
lights after
So, we got some polished nickel sconces at Home Depot for about 40 bucks apiece and Chris installed them pretty quickly. They are also on a dimmer switch which is nice to still have. Ahh, much better. I need to find a new big thing to put on our mantle. I'm not loving the painting anymore. Hmmm. I welcome your thoughts on that...I'm looking for something large, more interesting and more meaningful.
new light

new light


alicia said...

family portrait!! and some vases on either side!

Sapphire said...

I couldn't agree more wit Alicia. Before I even clicked on the comment link for this post I knew what I was going to write only to find someone beat me too it! Great minds think alike . . . I saw a large fun family portrait! What a perfect place for it! Making a statement about what is centeral to your lives -- Family!

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