Me and Wee: 11 Months

Monday, March 29, 2010

11 Months

paige 11 months

Dear Little P.,

This past Saturday we were at your cousin's second birthday party. I remember last year being pregnant at that party! It seemed surreal to me that you were there able to hit the balloons that were around the room and crawl around playing with all the great toys. Someone asked how old you were and I said "10 months" and that's when it hit me. You'd be 11 months the very next day. That's right, yesterday you turned 11 months and I know it's the last little milestone date before you turn 1. It makes me tear up every time I think about it. I just want to bottle up these moments and savor them for always. The song "Time in a Bottle" is perfect right about now. Take a listen here and listen to those lyrics. *sigh* I WOULD save every day like a treasure and again spend them with you.
I really savor the times I get to put you to bed at night when you nuzzle into my neck and shoulder as you get sleepy. Or the times I get up to feed you before you are officially up for the are sleepy and it's dark. After you finish your bottle you spin around and lay your head on my shoulder while I hold and rock you in our little yellow chair. I can always feel your right hand clinging to my shirt while I listen to your slow even breaths. I try to sit like that as long as possible before laying you back in your cozy bed for your last little bits of rest. I try to take mental pictures of each moment and greedily shove them into pockets in my mind.
This past month has been so much fun. Your personality is so fun to discover. You are silly when you do "peek a boo" on your changing pad after your bath. You hide under the towel and then surprise us. You always laugh like the joke is new; after doing it over and over and over. You also love music and shriek and yelp while it's on. You bounce around on your butt too; if you aren't busy clapping or tapping your lap to the music's beat. I think Uncle Jason the music teacher must be excited about that. I'm sure he'll be trying to get you in a punk band or some sort of choir soon enough. :)
You've grown in your top 4 front teeth along with your bottom 2 front ones. Your toothy grin is so sweet, even if I was a little sad at first as I missed your gummy smile. I think your smile is so great. And finally, you've been standing up like a champ. You are venturing a cruising step here and there while you hold on but I think you still have to get the hang of your balance for a while before you start working your way around the room. It's fun to watch you strive to use the muscles God gave you. I'm here to help you in any way I can; to help you do your best and to achieve all the wonderful things you want to. I know you can do it and I'll always be here to cheer you on and love you all the way. I love you forever and ever.
Love always,

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EFamily said...

I can't wait to see what you do for little P's first birthday! What a great celebration it will be!

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