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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Paige began to do a little bit of waving recently. She doesn't do it all the time, but it's cute. She also, as of yesterday, began clapping. She does seem to love having this new skill and does it often, especially if we clap first. Every time she does something new it's like a fun surprise for us. Like a little treasure we've stumbled upon. Really, it's another gift with the passage of time. It's easy to worry when your child isn't doing the same things the other babies are doing yet. But then she looks at you with glee and starts clapping, and well, all those worries melt right away and you know everything will be just fine. She will do and she will conquer. In her own time.

Speaking of time, I got Monday and Tuesday all to myself while Chris took good care of Paige alone. Thanks honey! You see, he went on a ski weekend starting on Thursday night and returned on Sunday afternoon. He had lots of good time with his buddies...skiing, drinking and just basically being guys for a few days. I was here alone with a sick baby, but Chris had this trip planned for a loooooong time so I was determined to do my best with the situation. It was exhausting; how do single mothers do it?? Since I didn't get a "break" that I normally do over the weekend, he stayed home Monday and Tuesday (since his job had a mandatory vacation day thing going on) and took care of things. On Monday I went to the art museum up in Manchester, NH (more on that HERE) and on Tuesday I did some touristy things over in Concord, MA. I toured the Louisa May Alcott house (you know, the author of Little Women) which was pretty interesting indeed. I then did some shopping in downtown Concord and enjoyed the wonderful springy weather. So warm and sunny! Well, for here anyway. I also finished my first sewing project that I did on my own without help. I'll show those results tomorrow. I thought sewing would be hard, but it turns out that it's fun and pretty simple once you know how to use the machine. Here's to taking time to learn new skills! Here's to wonderful husbands who give you that time. And here's to little ones learning to clap! Isn't time great? Yay! *clapping sound* *applause*
P.S. I'm charging my camera right now; so soon I can post some new photos and videos. And also, today is the last day to vote in the nursery contest! :) Go Number 3!!!

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