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Monday, March 22, 2010

Paige's Pages: Book One

Hi friends!
I thought I could spend this week showcasing some of Paige's very favorite books. (note these are for the under 1 set) Not MY favorites...hers. I have lots of the classic board books and I figured there were certain ones that she was sure to love which turned out she could sort of care less about. Then, I have others I'd never heard of and she took an immediate shine to a lot of those.
I won't bother showcasing one of her top ones..."The Very Hungry Caterpillar" which most people know and love and is the exception to her classic book "distaste." And I will have to show you her "Pat the Bunny" book when this week is over. She liked it so much it is destroyed.

On to Paige's lesser-known loves:
Today's first pick goes to "Tails" by Matthew Van Fleet.


It's full of textures and colorful illustrations...but it also has special flaps and pull-tabs that create motion. It's a full interactive experience and Paige loves opening the flaps and pulling the tabs herself. She never tires of looking at this book; but I always bear in mind that she can't be left alone with this book or she will rip apart all the special features. She only enjoys this book while sitting in my lap. Not only a fun read, but a fun book to EXPERIENCE. Paige highly recommends it!



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EmmyLizzy said...

Thank you for showcasing Paige's favorite books! My little 7 month old could also care less for some of my favorites, so I'm looking forward to finding some new additions here :)

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