Me and Wee: Custom Silhouettes

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Custom Silhouettes

Paige Silhouette
Hi friends!
I've spent some time and re-listed lots of items that haven't been seen in my shop for a while. I did custom silhouettes for customers back in 2006 and then stopped because it didn't fit in with my career goals at the time. Now, I'm back to offering custom silhouette portraits of your or your loved ones' children. The details are in my shop.
Here is a silhouette portrait of Paige I did when she was 7 months old (using a photo I took of her profile). It's funny how different her profile is now 4 months later. I'd add more hair in the back in little flips and a bow on top. :) I can do any color of frame around it...this one is Robin's Egg Blue. They go for $35 which covers the illustration time and the cost/time for the portrait printing. Additional prints or materials like calling cards would cost less since the illustration has already been done. Feel free to email me if you are interested in one! Or check out my shop here.

Silhouette Artwork

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