Me and Wee: Paige's Pages: Book 3

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paige's Pages: Book 3

Hey there!
Today's book is "How Big?" by the Fisher Price brand.


It's very simple in that it just has an animal baby on one page and the next page is a flap (reads "how big is baby?) that lifts to reveal a baby and the words "Soooo big." The illustrations are colorful and vibrant, which Paige loves. She also loves lifting the flaps on her own and seeing the baby beneath. She likes seeing other babies in pictures...which leads me to the idea of going on flickr to print out a few pictures of random babies and then have them laminated and bound to our own little "babies" book. Just a thought! I also thought it would be fun to print pictures of each family member with their names and have that laminated and bound too...
Anyhoo, she loves this book and it's slowly deteriorating with wear and tear. The mark of a winner!

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Meladie said...

I love to ask babies "How Big is Paige?" and teach them to raise their arms and then tickle them. They will play it over and over it's sooooo precious! I must get this book! Thank for sharing. I've never seen it before.

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