Me and Wee: Paige's Pages: Book 2

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paige's Pages: Book 2

Hi there!
Today's book is called "Little Green" by Keith Baker.
Paige has loved looking at it and hearing the tale since she was 9 weeks old and in her little bouncy chair. She continues to squeal with delight at it (she seems to have a crush on the guy in the book since she always smiles and shrieks when she sees him). The guy watches a little green hummingbird out his window and observes as it flies around in different directions so he can paint it's path. It's cute.


I think the appeal is the very colorful and vibrant illustrations that cover the pages. One neat thing for when she is older is that there's a little caterpillar hidden on each page for the kiddo to try and find (Where's Waldo style).


It's another winner!

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