Me and Wee: November 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

28 weeks


Hi friends!
I'm 28 weeks along today. Time is flying! The pregnancy is going well; baby boy is healthy and growing well. Because of my T-shaped uterus, I go in every 6 weeks for an ultrasound to make sure the baby is growing properly. We got to see the little guy yesterday and he's lookin' good! At one point, I could see his eyes opened, and I could see his mouth opening and closing. He's getting a chubby baby look about him already. Yay! Paige got to see him and she kept saying "He's so cute! Just like dolly!" LOL. I will agree that he's cute.
The not so good news? I can barely walk. I have had a torn labrum in my right hip since 2006. And the pregnancy hormones make it hurt A LOT. It's a horrible shocking pain that often sends me to the floor or into involuntary screams. It SUCKS. I would rate the pain a 10 out of 10. But now, my left hip is experiencing similar pain. But I think that is sciatica. Because sometimes I feel bad twinges in my lower back and back of my left leg with it. Either way, some days I can walk ok with some effort, and other days I just sit there and cry and wonder how I'm going to get through the day while trying to care for Paige when Chris is at work. It's hard. The other day was the worst. I was up screaming in the night and the pain was so intense. The next morning found me barely able to take steps. I manged to squeeze a visit in to the Orthopedist and he gave me a cortizone shot in my right hip. It's got a 55% chance of working, so we shall see. That was 2 days ago and I'm able to walk today, so it must be helping! That visit to the doctor was hell because I had to bring Paige with me, I was alone, and was carrying all the crap you need to have with a toddler. (Let me just insert that Chris wanted to be home with me, but had to be at work for reviews and meetings with staff, etc. You know the drill...he just couldn't get away.) It took forever to get from the car to the office. And P kept tantruming...not wanting to be there in the waiting room and then not wanting to wait in the exam room. I'd brought toys, even the I-Pad but nothing would help. She just kept crying and screaming until I began to cry too. I could barely move, much less comfort her. The nurse kept coming in to try and entertain her and just looked at me with sympathy. Blah. Luckily, one of Paige's therapists arrived for her regular appointment (she was happy to meet us there at the doctor) and whisked her off to the waiting area with her huge sack of toys and games. The angel of the day! P was happy as a clam after that and I got my damned shot.
Anyway, I just needed to vent. Being in constant serious pain sucks. I have to care for my little one despite it all and just push through. Basically, I've been sweating a lot, gritting my teeth a lot, and I go to bed early at night since I use up all my energy. Luckily, there are good days mixed in where the pain is tolerable and I can function; so that is what carries me through. Let's just say I'm looking forward to our little boy's arrival for more reasons than one!

27.2 Weeks Pregnant

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween 2011

Hi friends!
Drama central over here. We've been enjoying lots of fall festivities and fun. Until the weekend of Halloween when a Nor'easter hit our area and we got a foot of snow the night before trick or treating. We're used to snow, you know? But the trees hadn't yet lost their leaves and the sudden freezing temperatures combined with the heavy snow made many trees fall, explode, lose limbs, etc. It knocked power out for a few days for us, and for over a week for many people in this area! It got SO FRIGGIN' COLD in the heat, no real running water, etc. etc. It was bad. Luckily, we got our gas fireplace working and we retreated here and there to a friend's house (who had a generator). Just as I was packing to head to my parents for the rest of the week, our power returned. Phew! The night of the storm was scary. It was so dark outside; no power anywhere. And all you could hear was the exploding trees in the woods...they sounded like mini bombs going off. One tree fell and just missed our house. It crashed into our yard and broke several pieces of our fence. I thought for sure it was going to hit the roof over our bed, but it missed! Needless to say, I couldn't sleep after that. When we ventured out the next day (to unsuccessfully find a place to eat) we couldn't go a block without a tree that had fallen or a downed wire. There was nowhere to go that was open; everyone had no power, no phones, no internet, etc. It's weird how we become so reliant on such comforts. It was scary to go without them, even if just for a few days. Anyhoo, Trick or Treating was postponed by our town until this past Sunday and I'm so grateful Paige got to wear her costume and get we'd been talking about for the whole month! I'm even MORE grateful for heat. For water. For the creature comforts we've come to rely on and it reminds me how lucky we are to have them. So lucky. Now, to start saving up for a good generator. It's life or death when you don't have heat in freezing temps. sigh.
That's New England for ya.

P.S. Paige wanted to be the Big Bad Wolf for Halloween. She Huffed and Puffed, but our house is still standing. Phew!



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