Me and Wee: January 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

In the Now

Hi friends!
I hope you are having a good Monday! I'm busy here on the homefront working on some wedding invitation work for a few clients. It's delightful to be busy when it's cold outside! I'm 26 weeks along today and I guess this is the week the baby opens her eyes and blinks. They say you can hold a flashlight to the belly and she will see the difference. They also say if you listen carefully you can hear her heartbeat. (Well, I can't... but supposedly my husband could...we've tried it but no luck so far). I've noticed I've started getting more tired if we are out running errands. We went to the mall on Saturday and I kept having to stop to breathe and adjust my hips. Oh, the hips! I wanted lunch badly and wanted to cry when the restaurant was all the way at the other end of the mall. Like a football field or an ACTUAL CONTINENT away. It's the first time I've actually considered using one of those personal riding scooters (I would have settled for a Segway, a wheelchair, a plane, a zepplin, jet pack or the like) . With Chris' gentle encouragement and cheers we made it and the food was good (once we got seated of course). It's amazing how tired I was after just a little bit of walking. I spent Sunday recouping. It's pathetic! But I won't feel bad about it since my body is busy with important things behind the scenes. It won't be long before I won't be able to claim that and just have to own up to the fact I'm a lazy bastard.
We also spent time getting our little dog Maren up to date with a new leash and collar and some new toys. Everything she had before was falling apart or useless so our first "little one" is now looking quite snazzy! I like making sure we are giving her plenty of attention while we can. Spoiled dog. The little sucker just doesn't know what's coming!

Collar up closeMaren and her collar

Monday, January 19, 2009

25 Weeks

Hello! I'm finally starting to feel better from my cold (it's still here, but I can function now!) so here is my latest belly photo from today's 25 week pregnant mark. Little P seems to move more and more every day...yesterday she seemed to be in a frenzy that lasted most of the day into the evening. It's entertaining to sit and watch the skin of my belly bump out wherever she hits. Like a little frog in there. OR AN ALIEN. But a little frog is cuter. I think anyone who's seen the movie "Spaceballs" remembers the scene at the end when they are in the diner and the guy has some food that doesn't agree with him and out pops this alien from his stomach. The alien then proceeds to do a Rockette-like kick routine down the bar as it sings "hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gaaaaal..." This image enters my mind a few times a day now. Hmm. I know there's no alien in there but still. Anyway, the belly is slowly growing larger and our dog, Maren, likes to lay right across it. She climbs right on top and insists on draping herself over it as if she's keeping an egg warm. A giant egg. She's only 9.5 pounds, so it doesn't cause any strain. It's just interesting how, no matter all the other places she could choose to nap, it HAS to be RIGHT THERE. I wonder if she knows what's going on and she's taking some ownership of Little P as well. As long as she doesn't mind always getting kicked in the face from the baby then it's fine by me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Small Observations

So, I've been looking at myself in the mirror lately (in the morning after my shower) and I can't help but gawk at my stomach and how it protrudes out in all its glory. It's like it's stretching out to get some sun and yells "I've finally arrived! This is MY moment dammit! Let me through, bitches!!" Sometimes I think "I look so huuuuuge!" But then I remember that I'm only just getting started and I have 3-3.5 more months of growing to do. I don't mind it. It's just strange to see on ME. I kind of feel like a kangaroo (minus all the hopping around). I've also noticed that while I work at the computer during the day I get so overheated in my lap area and realize that MY STOMACH IS RESTING ON MY THIGHS. Part of this is from slouching in my chair, but still. Never had I contemplated that I would one day sweat under my belly and on top of my thighs, etc. ugh. At least it's winter and 5 degrees outside so I can chalk this up as my own personal space heater. Without the extreme fire hazard. And since I've been sick for 2 weeks now, I've now been introduced to a fun and frisky pregnancy side effect: Stress Urinary Incontinence. Woo! Yeah, not something people talk much about. Let's just say that you add up pregnancy with a full serving of ALL -DAY AND NIGHT COUGHING and you've got yourself a situation where you might as well buy stock on, ahem, special underwear or the like. Never thought it would happen to ME, but isn't that what we all think? Thank God my cold is finally ending! Before you get all grossed out and yell "too much information!!!" just remember: Everyone pees. It's ok. And what's a little pee amongst friends? right? RIGHT??!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

24 Weeks along

Hi friends! I'm so sorry it's been so long since my last update. The holidays had us buzzing all around, and then I developed a horrible cold the day I got home from our New Years weekend. I've been sick ever since...mostly trapped on the couch and unable to do much of anything. I'm finally on some pregnancy-safe antibiotics and hopefully that will help move things along! No belly photo update yet, I'm afraid. It's starting to really pop out now, so next week will provide a better view. Plus, I feel and look like crap. So there you go.
In other news, Chris has painted the nursery and we had pale oak hardwood floors installed there. Last weekend, he also put together the crib and the bookcase. It's really starting to look like a real baby's room now! There's still a lot left to do, but I'm thrilled with the progress and so grateful to my husband for all his hard work. Little P. is so lucky to have him for a Dad...he goes above and beyond for his little lady already! Here are some sneak-peek photos of the room...I'll be sure to take photos of the finished product when it's done (should be in mid February at the latest).
As for how little P is doing: she's great! As of Monday we were at 24 weeks pregnant. She's quite the mover and shaker lately! I've started recognizing her patterns of rest and movement. It's always a thrill to feel her jiggling around in there. She's most active at 7:30am and at about 6:00pm. She also likes to move around a lot when it's time for bed...I know that my change in position means she has to find a comfy new position as well.
My latest doctor's appointment went well. They are having me come back every two weeks for an ultrasound starting in February to check her growth progress due to the missing artery in her umbilical cord. And I will start going for non-stress tests at the hospital around week 28 that will continue on until the birth to make sure she is ok in there. I'm so grateful for the careful and deliberate care I'm receiving from my doctors. They are a cautious bunch who always would rather be safe than sorry. That makes me feel like I can rest easy knowing all is being done to make sure Little P. is safe.
Well, that's all for now. I've been pondering random observations about my pregnancy in general so I'll write a little more about that tomorrow. Be well everyone!

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