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Hello there! My name is Megan Cassidy Carty. Balancing being an artist, a wife, and a mother is hard work; yet the best kind of work.

After a lifetime love of drawing and painting I studied art at Syracuse University's School of Art and Design where I focused on advertising. I went on to work for several years in both boutique design firms and corporate retail settings all while longing for my own artistic voice. Desperate to scratch my own creative itch, I began working for myself creating customized letterpress birth announcements and wedding invitations for lots of wonderful clients. Before too long and after a lot of turbulence my husband Chris and I started our family and I set my career aside so I could focus on my babies and take on the giant task of Mothering.

The aching need to create kept calling to me like the seductive Sirens so I picked up my easy-to-clean-and-carry paints and began making anything that made my heart smile. My whimsical and quirky spirit came to life in my creations and I knew this was what I was meant to be doing.

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Growing up and living in New England has largely influenced my work. I can trace my maternal lineage here all the way back to before our colonies were independent from Britain. This love for the rustic countryside is in my blood. I just love how architecture and objects from times past mix with modern conveniences in our everyday landscape. The abandoned lonely old house stands to remind us of love, families, and lives once lived. I often wonder about my own family--who they were, what were they thinking about or delighting in so many ages ago. There is indeed a melancholy feeling to this which strangely mingles with the warmth of the familiar. We can all become attached to seemingly mundane objects for the memories and nostalgia they invoke. We will all be gone one day but the objects we love and treasure will remain. I like to explore this concept in my work; it must be a way to get a handle on the fact that I too am getting older!

The Swimmer art print

Using old tools like my antique letterpress to make my art is another way I unite history with the present day. The clink of the press echoes the ideas of those who came before me; the final product a tangible thing of beauty and craft.




Our past is all around; it informs us of who we were so we can direct who we will become. There's a sad quiet beauty in the old, the textured, the worn. The landscape of New England is filled to the brim with this endless ebb and flow of old versus new, tides in versus out, summer versus winter, merry versus melancholy, and I want to explore it all.

foliage nearby

foliage nearby

foliage nearby



Welcome to Me and Wee…unique rustic art prints, whimsical greeting cards, and quietly beautiful letterpress stationery from my New England countryside home to you. You are always welcome here!




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