Me and Wee: October 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life is Beautiful

I thought I'd post a video from time to time...not set up or fancy. Not planned. Not fixed. Not gussied up or staged...just capturing a moment as it happens. Real moments of our life together. Here's the first "Life is Beautiful" silliness...(a typical after-dinner chase)

Friday, October 19, 2012

9 Months


Dear Noah-Nut,

Several days ago you turned 9 months old and I'm so proud of the sweet boy you are growing into. Your personality is starting to shine and I'm fascinated every day. You are proving to be very sweet, curious but gentle, reserved and friendly all at the same time. You love to be love to laugh with your robust chuckle. You love to be left alone to crawl all over the house and explore for yourself. My little adventurer. You seem to take it very seriously and delight in all your'll look up at me and smile when you find something new and exciting.



You had your 9 month check up and you're 22 pounds and 28.5 inches long; if you must know.
You are so relaxed...I can take you anywhere and you just sit happily in your car seat. If I'm holding you, you don't wiggle around and fuss. You happily hang out and look at everything around you. Thank you for making life easy during the day!


You are a great have a nap around 9/9:30 for an hour or so and then another 1.5 hour nap just after lunch. You fit in one more nap from 3:00-4:00 and bedtime by 7. You sleep all night, but wake once to wolf down a bottle (usually anywhere between 3:30-5:30am) and it's back to bed 'till 6:30 or 7. I'll take it!
You love to babble. You've covered la-la-la, ba-ba-ba, ma-ma-ma, na-na-na, and da-da-da...all in various octaves. You've also managed to sprout 2 bottom teeth despite the pain it put you (and the rest of us) in. I must say, those shiny teeth are quite nice and well-earned. Good work!

Noah, you are a dream come true. You are such a special person--a wonderful person. You are my youngest child; my baby so I'm really holding on to the little moments with you that mean the most. Snuggling you soothes my soul. I love to feel your wispy hair on my lips while you drink your bottle. I love to squish and squeeze all your baby-fat like a little marshmallow.




I love to giggle with you and dance all around the house together. I sit quietly and touch each of your fingers in wonder; thinking about how God made you so perfect and marvelous. I touch your soft cheeks and look at your twinkly eyes and I know that there is nothing in this world better than this time with you. I am so lucky I've been chosen to be your Mama. We go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong and I can't wait for even more fun. 



Thank you for filling my life with so much spirit and love. My heart is full and content.
Just look at that cute bum! :)

Love you always and forever,



Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary

 Lol drunken wedding goonery

Happy Anniversary Chris!
7 years ago I made the best decision in the world when I said "I will" in that gothic old church in Bar Harbor. We've had so many difficult challenges in this time together, and we've faced them all strong and diligent as a team. I'm so proud of us.
We've also had so many happy, fun wonderful times and I'm so lucky to have shared them with you. They say that this is the "7 year itch" but all I feel is love. Here's to many more fabulous years.
I love you.

Even if sometimes it looks like this:
JD_ 1663

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Simple Ideas

Hey there!

So, the clutter in my kitchen is insane. I just can't seem to keep up. We get so much junk mail, school papers, school art projects...all kinds of little things. And it always ends up in piles on the island and kitchen table. AGGGGHHH! Then, I attack it but it always comes back. It's like The Blob (remember that movie?). If you don't hear from me after this, I may have been consumed by the piles never to be seen again until you try to find the latest electric bill.
kitchen table mess

island mess

I realized a lot of the pile was things I didn't want to get rid of, like special pieces of art or keepsakes, so I ran to Target and got these cool file boxes. One for Chris & me, one for Paige, and one for Noah. I have a folder for each year and I just stick things in the folder that I'd like to keep for them. Easy! Now, I just need to stick with it.
file folders

Next, I need to start filing away coupons in their own folders and deal with paying bills right away and I'll be sitting pretty. I'm mortified I just showed you my crazy mess, but it's a part of me. Like teenage acne or a bad perm. It's something to endure.
We also need a new table and chairs. Upholstered chairs and kids don't mix. They are disgusting right now. But I want a cool wood table and chairs and they have to be small. I haven't found anything that fits the bill yet, so we'll see.
Besides, it will be clean for a minute before Paige grabs all kinds of her crap and covers the table with it all. Ya gotta live life, right?

Playing Zoo

And look what we discovered! You can take that fast food drink carton thingie and use it for little animals! We had a ton of fun at our "zoo" and put the animals underneath in their "cages" where they have little windows to peek out.  Then, we pretended they were mountains and valleys, and then we flipped them over and pretended they were little pools for her marine animals. It was great, cheap imaginary fun. I saved those drinkholders so we could play "store" or "cafe" with them but that hasn't happened yet.  "Zoo" is a worthy choice, I think.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Master Bathroom design

Hi friends!

We were so excited to put in a master bathroom over the past few months. We've wanted one since we moved here in 2005 and it's now here!
The whole space used to be all closet. There was one giant walk-in closet and then a doorway to a long skinny coat closet. We knocked down the wall between and but the bathroom in; but left room for a smaller walk in closet. I'm just thrilled to have a closet at all. The one we now have is my dream!
Here's a tour:
First, we go through the closet

And there we are!

Here's the shower...we went with a rain head and a hand-held that has a pivoting/rotating head.

Here's the tub. I wanted the bathroom to have a 1920s/30s  bungalow feel. We did a smaller tub in here; we have a big one in our other bathroom and it's hard to give the kiddos a bath in it. The smaller tub is the same depth, but more narrow and easier to lean in. There's a handset here too, for rinsing hair and soap, etc. It's useful for cleaning the tub as well. There's our new window! That wasn't there before either.

Here's the vanity! I wanted to add some architectural interest around the built-in mirror/cabinets.  The wall paint color? I'm not sure of the brand, but I know it's called "Palladian." I'm in love with the light fixture...another antique bungalow inspiration.

Here's what the faucets look like (again, going for more of an antique bungalow vibe):

And here is some tile detailing that goes around the tub and shower:

So that's it! We're so happy with it. I'm so grateful for it.
Thanks for touring with me! Now we just have to fully move in to the space!
I hope you have a great Tuesday!

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Weekend: A Recap

Hello! Welcome to a new week!
I hope you had a good weekend. Ours was nice. We had errands and we kept plenty busy.
Friday night we went to dinner at a local family place and had a nice time. Woot!

Saturday Paige and Chris went to their first day at Little Gym where Paige tried a gymnastics class and loved it. I guess she cried when it was time to go.
But, when she got home I did a hard-hitting interview with her:

That afternoon, Noah decided to not nap and screamed for a few hours. I carried him around and rocked him to no avail. I finally gave up and let him just crawl around the living room in his sleep sack. sigh.
 Later that evening, we discovered that our house is haunted. Just in time for Halloween! Please disregard the crazy mess that is the kitchen island. It's an endless task. It's scary in itself.

Things fell apart not long after we caught the ghost on video and everyone was crying and freaking out over something or other. Finally, bedtime came and there was much rejoicing.
(First, we said we'd barf if we heard one more fuss from a kiddo)
Wine break

Then we watched The Avengers and I thought it sucked. Parts of it made me giggle. But, I got to sit with Chris alone and actually watch a movie (despite us running upstairs to help Noah every time he woke up screaming for whatever reason)

And Sunday found us going to the mall (which Paige seems to LOVE). I used to hate the mall as a kid. Paige can't get enough. See her happy little gallop? She kept asking if we were going to go to "LOTS and LOTS of stores" in a hopeful way as if she were scared we were going to make her leave the precious mall that very minute.

She loves Anthropologie just like me. We fawned over the hair clips for a while and she loved touching everything and saying "this is bea-uuuu-tiful!!"
anthro visit

We also ate at P.F. Changs and made it through a fuss-free meal (for the most part). Noah enjoyed a tasty plate of plate. mmmm. Paige ate dumplings and colored.

After a bunch of shopping around we had a smoothie break where Paige decided we should "share" my drink (but she pretty much stole it like the thief she is). To her credit, she let me take sips of the drink that was supposed to be hers. Hmph. Noah just sat there and played with his paci. He's a trooper.
smoothie break

We got home in time for dinner, but Paige sat there and whined, fussed, and moaned about everything (without eating a bite) until I said "One more fuss and you're going to dinner." She kept on going, so off to bed she went. She wasn't hungry. So, her dinner is now going to be tomorrow's lunch. There was much crying and yelling, but she admitted she wanted to go to bed. I tell ya, I can only take SO MUCH fussing and moaning. AAAGGGHH!

Here's to a new week! And less fussing, darnit!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Laughter makes the world go 'round

You're welcome!  :)

What to do about blogger envy

Hi friends!
I hope you're having a great weekend!
I've been doing a lot of thinking lately; particularly about all the blogs I love to read. Do you ever look into someone else's world and say "Wow, they are so cool. That's the kind of life I'd like to have." I have to admit I do this. Not all the time, but sometimes. The truth is, I'm proud of my life. I'm proud of who I am. But we all know the grass always looks greener on the other side, doesn't it?
When we look in on someone's world...someone who happens to have the clothes we want, or the hair we want, or the furniture/decor we want it's easy to feel jealous. We're reminded of the things we WISH we had and we're left feeling a little empty. We're reminded of what we feel are our shortcomings when we see others seeming to "do it all." They look put together, they have a perfect family, they go do fun things all the time, they have time to make dinner and do crafts each day...
When I fall into this trap I remind myself that:

1. Blogs are edited versions of life. Just like reality shows, they are snippets from a moment in time. People will show you what they want you to see and what they are willing to share. No more, no less. They aren't going to show all the flaws and stumbles that fill the day.
2. Blogs can be inspiration. We don't need to look at our favorites and feel so jealous. It's all about choosing the right way to look at that jealousy. We can simply say to ourselves "What is it that I like so much about this life I'm reading about?" Perhaps it's not really about the clothes or the "stuff" and more about the deeper issues. When I feel jealous about how cute someone looks all the time, I know it's because I've been dressing like a slob and not showering for 4 days. Easy to fix! I go shower and get dressed in something I feel good in, and the feelings go away. If I see someone who has cool decor I covet, maybe it's because I'm unhappy with a certain space in my home. Easy to fix! I figure out how to make that certain space better and tackle it.  Clear the clutter. Slap on some paint. Tack up some art. Rearrange the furniture. Etc.
This takes me to:
3. Remember our life is what we create it to be. Wanna have more fun? Go have more fun! Find a way to fit a few whimsical moments into each day! Go for ice cream, or make some yourself! Put on loud music and dance with the kids. Go outside and do fun things...go exploring. Find your inner child.  You wanna dress more fun? Start with one outfit and build from there over time.  Wanna be a millionaire? Sorry, I can't help you there. But we can learn to be happy with what we DO have which leads me to:
4. Think about what you are grateful for each day. I like to sit down and ponder about my blessings each day. When you take time to notice them, you realize that there's a lot! This sort of abundance is all around you if you stop and look at it. I myself am just learning how to harness this feeling. I'm trying to find the mundane things around me that are really the stuff of life. Changing a diaper. Noah's little giggles. Paige's funny little stories. My ability to walk out in the fresh air.  Elevate these moments into the precious treasures they are and you'll see how wealthy you are.
5. If there is a talent you covet, why not try to develop it in yourself? Take lessons or read a book on the subject. Put in the time to practice and learn. All goals start with a plan and a first step. Go ahead and take it!
6. If you continually feel bad about yourself after blog reading, it's time to stop looking at them. Only read the ones that make you feel good about yourself or that leave you feeling inspired or happy. 

As for me, I'm working on tackling some corners of my home I'm unhappy with. I'm also working on elevating the everyday moments that surround me. I'm home with the kiddos all day and it can get crowded, frustrating, and suffocating. But when I take time to notice the little things my life begins to feel so magical.
As for my own blog, this is a space I like to share my struggles and triumphs as they come along. To share the things that we might have in common.  I also am trying to focus on the good things; the little things that shape my days. I don't want to complain all the time; we're surrounded by negativity in the news almost 24-7. I need a space that's mine where I can spread happy thoughts. (don't get me wrong, I like to whine here every now and again...but I whine all day in my REAL life so I try to limit that here, ha!)

Be well everyone! I hope you take some time to remember why YOU are special and celebrate it. Dwell in THAT and enjoy it. I'm trying to do that too.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Bouncing Baby Boy

make a gif at

Happy Friday! It's another weenimation...another little scene of babyhood that I wanted to capture and remember as it is.
Today has blessed us with beautiful weather! I took Noah for a little walk across the way to the pond and here's a little image I took on the way. Fall is pretty, isn't it?
Enjoying the pond

I hope you have a great weekend! Next week I plan to show our new master's finally finished! Until then! Hugs...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crawling Baby

gif maker
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Hi friends!
I want to remember what it looks like when Noah crawls to me for always.
I hope you are having a great Thursday! It's rainy and overcast and it's making me feel blaaaaaah.
I'm feeling kind of lonely and out of sorts lately. In a general way. I live in a sort of isolated location and sometimes it can get to me. I'm a people watcher and love to chat with strangers and I certainly haven't seen any people around for a while so I need this weather to improve, stat!
Maybe I'm just in a little rut. Do you ever feel like you need a change or two?
I just need to get back to basics and remember all I am grateful for.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Book of the Week

 Hi friends!
Yesterday (Monday) ended up being a good one. There weren't any catastrophes or meltdowns (with me OR the kids). I even got some cleanup and laundry done. It's the little things.
Noah and I spent some time together and he got to do a boatload of crawling around the house trying to eat or destroy everything he could find.
Like Godzilla--only there's no ocean or Mothra or screaming Asians.


He also got to wear his preppy New England style red pants. Nantucket Reds I call them. (I snagged them at Baby Gap) Now, I just need to send him to some local boarding school and he'll fit right in. Kidding! I would never do that. (Although, I'm not counting out fantasizing about it in the future when he's giving me an extra hard time.)

Speaking of New England, our foliage is starting out and it's beautiful so far! Here's the view when I stand in my front door looking forward. Summer is my favorite, but nature like this makes fall a worthy second in my book. hee!

On to today, and I'm ready for another Books for Wee post.


I bought "For Just One Day" by Laura Leuck when I was in Maine recently on a little mini vacation by myself. I saw it was illustrated by my FAVORITE...Marc Boutavant and I knew I had to have it. So, it's really for me. But Paige loves it so I figure I can share for now. If I must.



It's basically about what the narrator would like to be for just one day if he/she could be anything, in terms of animals.  It's got fun rhyming prose which makes it easy for kiddos to predict what will come on the next page. (This helps with pre-reading skills!) Paige asked for this book for a full week and probably more from Chris. The extra bonus is that it's mine to have once she's done with it. It's got gorgeous whimsical illustrations that make me happy. Having kids is perfect for my children's book collecting habit. Win-Win!

I hope you are having a great Tuesday! I'll be back soon with a Stay at Home Mom Style post and some fun little animations I've cobbled. Be well!

Monday, October 1, 2012

It's Monday!

Happy Monday friends!
I hope you had a great weekend! Ours was lovely. We went on a little roadtrip to visit Chris' parents in Connecticut. It's always so special to see the kids with their grandparents as they make lasting memories. Like this one where P's grandfather (she calls him "Rico"...not his name, but a long story) is reading her bedtime stories in the "transformer bed" as she calls it. He's great at making the stories come to life!
bedtime story

It was so nice to see them. We had yummy lunches, a little shopping, and watched "Moneyball" on Saturday night. It was awesome and I'm not a huge sports fan.

Road trips are fun for Paige when she gets to watch movies. The choice this time was "Tangled." I played servant while sitting in the backseat on the way. You know the drill...fetching drinks, snacks, picking up dropped toys, entertaining crying baby, feeding said baby the bottle they obviously are begging for, etc.

Road trip

Road trip 2

That nap wasn't nearly long enough. hee!
Paige is back to school this morning and Chris is back to work. I miss them, but Noah and I are holding down the fort just fine. Have a great week everyone. Let's choose the happy path ok?

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