Me and Wee: May 2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Golden hour


evening glow

 They say the golden hour to take photos is right as the sun is going down. I would agree! It's best right when the rays of sun have disappeared and the residual light is still there. I decided to do a mini photo shoot of Noah the other day playing with rocks around the Bleeding Hearts shrub.
Things I wanted to remember: Noah's chubby and huge feet, how his pants are a bit too small and they fall over the butt of his diaper Bieber-style (it's only ok because Noah is a baby), how he found an old mitten of Paige's and decided to wear it like an oven mitt all evening, and the way he was so pensive as he moved rocks from one garden bed to another. My sweet boy.

peace in the garden



Noah finds a pebble

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My girl

Paige paints

I like to sit in the quiet of the evening before bedtime and watch Paige do what she loves most...make art. Sometimes she collages her own unique pieces and other times she just colors or paints existing pictures. She loves this time for creating and I love watching her. It's like watching a dream.

Color Selection

Monday, May 12, 2014

Two-wheeler bike

unicorn bike

We gave Paige a 2-wheeler bike for her fifth birthday (among some other smaller gifts). It has a unicorn pouch (!!!)  at the front and is covered in unicorn is also a combination of her favorite colors so she's pretty thrilled. There are training wheels on it to help her get used to riding and she took to it like a duck to water! Overall I'd say the bike is an epic win!

new bike!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Happy Mother's Day! My own mother is so special, sweet, loving, friendly, kind, and caring. I try to model those traits after her. I love you so much Mom!!
Being a mother is such a sacred and special vocation. I feel so blessed and grateful every day to have these kids of mine. I call on those feelings when I'm most annoyed with something my kids might be doing; whether they are being messy, loud, fighting, naughty, etc. LOL! Remembering my blessings has saved me from many a time when I wanted to scream or lose my temper. They are wonderful beautiful children that God has entrusted me with. I know that I am doing my best and I should be proud of that; even on my worst days when I feel like the biggest failure and drag of a mom.
Every day is a different challenge and different set of tools are used to navigate and get through the day with love and success. I like that; when it seems like being a stay at home mom might be mundane it is truly the opposite. There is always a different problem to solve, a different joy to witness, a different plan to forge.
I love being a Mom and today I remember how lucky I am. I love you Noah and Paige.
Noah age 28 months
sibling hugs Paige turns 5

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I'm a Catholic but so much more.

I officially became a Catholic at Easter Vigil this year! What a special night in a zillion ways. My relationship with my Heavenly Father has deepened and I'm grateful for that. He has shown me the way to so much healing and I'm grateful for that too. Here are a select few photos of the ceremony.

Before the ceremony; that's the baptism font behind me there.
Before my baptism

Going through the Mass but before baptism
Awaiting Baptism

Kneeling in the font (filled with Holy Water) and getting baptized. Wow!
My Baptism

I was glad the water was heated!
One of the splashes as I kneel in the font

Here I'm going through my Confirmation and there's Holy Chrism (scented oil blessed by the Cardinal) being rubbed on my forehead (sealing me)

Father Peter giving me my First Communion
First Communion

The whole experience is something I cannot describe...nothing is fitting. But I can say it was more amazing than I'd hoped.
I've been on my faith journey all my life and felt a major pull from God to rely on Him more. That all my answers to the struggles in my heart are with Him. I have found healing from past hurts. I've found more peace, too, knowing the losses from my 4 previous miscarriages before Paige came along are in heaven. They are enjoying peace, light, comfort and love. I have 4 other children I will meet one day and I often sit and think about them and wonder what they are like. The love for them exists here and in heaven. That is special.
Now that I belong to a faith community, I feel like I have a place to go where other people feel like I do. I have a place where I can use my gifts and talents God has given me. I can find ways to show love to others through ministry and self-donation. Wherever I go I like to look around to see if there's a way I can help someone...carry their bags, look for an item, help with their kids, etc. It feels nice even when I can do something little. And now, I can teach my love for God to my children so they can know that they are perfect and special and part of an amazing creation.
As I move forward in my life, I will include God in my plans, goals, thoughts and decisions. I know that He wants the best for me and I want that too!
I am a wife and mother first, I'm a friend, an artist and a helper. God has blessed me with these callings and I will do my best to carry them forth with a happy content heart!
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