Me and Wee: February 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

Wee Debris


Each day Paige likes to go around the living room and take out all her toys and spread them all around. She has to dump out every single board book too. This photo is just one little spot. I can promise the rest of the room looked just like that. It can get dangerous for me at certain moments...I find myself tripping or slipping on the debris. She sure does love her books! She loves coming upon one and trying to turn all the pages herself. It's definitely what she spends the most time doing. Soon I'll do posts here and there about what her favorite books are (and they aren't what I thought they'd be!)

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hi friends!
Chris brought home this shirt for Paige...knowing that I would particularly like it since it's the kind of shirt I'd wear. Since it's winter I added a long-sleeved onesie underneath.
When I first saw her in it I was reminded of my Nana. When she was alive, she was an avid bowler. Yep! For many years she was competitive. She was even, for a time, director of the Massachusetts Women's Bowling Association. I'm not much of a bowler. But, I'm good at in on the Wii! (I say that with a kidding tone). It's funny how the simplest of things can remind you of the big things.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hi friends!
It's pouring rain and snow here today but I'm feelin' fine! Paige is off in slumber-nap-land and I'm catching up on blogs and such. Over at my other blog, I've begun to breathe new life into the content and have decided to start using that space as more of a personal creative digital inspiration scrapbook. (usually I keep the things I like the very best private and in folders on my computer for perusal, but no more!) Images, thoughts, colors, ideas, and things that I've seen around the web and blogland...all things that pique my interest and make me smile and spark my creativity. I also plan to include some more personal stories and thoughts connected to the content I find...why I like it or what it brings to my mind. I hope you enjoy it and will visit me there sometimes!
I plan to infuse this space (Me and Wee) with more little snippets of personal tales and stories...just little thoughts on being a Mama, thoughts on family life, and thoughts about home things...much more personalized (if that's possible). :)
Let me know if there's anything you'd like to know more about or if you have any questions about things here at Me and Wee.
Be well!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Baby curling! It's a quick clip with a great guffaw at the end. Fun!

I hope you guys had a great weekend! We had fun; we took Paige to the New England Aquarium and she seemed fascinated with all the sea life. There was an amazing jellyfish exhibit that had her riveted. I found you can become a member for a whole year for a small fee (just under the cost of two visits) and it pays for yourself, a guest, and a child under 3 for unlimited visits...a full year of free visits. It's a great activity and fun for us too!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Thanks so much for all your kind comments and emails regarding my post yesterday. I hope it works out too! Especially since the doctor said there's no guarantee the surgery will help.
Speaking of helpful, I just got an email from James Atkinson over at Ultra Healthy telling me about their new list of 25 Essential Free I-Phone Apps for Your Pregnancy. I don't have an I-Phone, but I DO have an I-Pod Touch, so I always like to find out about good Apps. The word that caught my eye there is "free." LOVE that! The list includes apps for BEFORE being pregnant, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy. Pretty interesting, so I thought I'd share the list with anyone who might be interested. I'm already into the white noise app...
Paige uses white noise to sleep in her room, but I always need it for myself if I need to take a nap. It really helps.

And finally, here is a picture of Paige doing her best Gene Kelly impression ala Anchors Aweigh. Perhaps some tap lessons will be of good use when she's older?
South Pacific

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lady Business

DISCLAIMER: to any family or friends reading this, graphic content about my lady business is ahead. Proceed with caution!

Well, I've been going over in my mind for a while now...whether or not to write about this particular topic. BUT I've come to the conclusion that I must because:
1. There's not a lot out there about it
2. I've talked about other very personal things here, so why stop now?
3. It might help someone else in the same situation

Anyway, I'm having surgery on March 1st to correct the stitching done by my doctor during Paige's delivery. I didn't have an episiotomy, but I did tear a little and stitching was done to fix it. Well, I was told that doing the deed would be painful after having a baby, so I figured it was natural to hurt. As the months went by, nothing improved. I figured it would just a take a while. But the idea of doing the deed started to horrify me as the pain has become worse and worse (so it happened less and less and has been pretty non-existent much to our chagrin) was so bad that I would cry and cry and feel like I was being ripped in half with a machete. That's not normal, right?? 6 months after Paige's birth, I spoke to my OB about it and he said "Oh, well, try this estrogen creme, even though I'm not sure it will do anything, and we can always do a repair after you have your next child or when you're done having kids. Make sure to use lots of lube." *SIGH* I sort of shuffled out of there feeling no resolution. It's been 4 months since then and I must say that I don't see how I can even attempt to have another child! More tears, more pain, more frustration. So, back to the doctor I went and he found the area where the pain is coming from saying he can "feel something there" and he wants to remove it and possibly do a biopsy. He's pretty confident it's just extra tissue created from the stitching before. He's going to do a "release" as he calls it and try to put me back to how I used to be. He told me "we get so concerned with making things nice and tight that sometimes we can go a little far." A little far? That's putting it mildly. Tell that to my miserable husband. So, I go on March first for a "perineoplasty" to hopefully make life less painful. Reading up on the procedure, it seems like most women complain of having loose skin/muscles inside and the procedure is done to tighten things up. I'm having the opposite issue. I just never thought of this when I pictured having kids. I also never realized how serious an issue it can be when you can no longer be intimate as a causes a lot of stress, suffering, frustration, pain, and sadness. Hopefully, this procedure will fix things and get me closer to how I used to be. Oh, the memories. :)
Chris has been so supportive and understanding during all of this and I'm forever grateful and appreciative of him. It's important to me that I'm not blamed for something I have no control over. Has anything like this happened to anyone else? I guess I would encourage anyone who is in significant pain for a long time after having a baby that perhaps you should see your doctor and maybe surgery is an option for you too? Thanks for reading and letting me vent...I'll be sure to let you know how things turn out. In the meantime, I basically have a big orange sign around my neck that says "KEEP OUT!"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Funny Valentine

Funny Valentine
Valentine Shirt
As you can see, Paige enjoyed Valentine's Day. It was our first as a family and it was lots of fun!
I hope you had a great one! I spent half the friggin' day trying to make cupcakes (from scratch from a cupcake recipe book). I guess I got an ingredient wrong and they were all goopy and weird on the inside and burnt and rock hard/deflated on the outside. They were also gross. After some tears (I just wanted to do SOMETHING right when it came to cooking food, plus it was part of my gift to Chris) I trudged off to the grocery store and bought the Jiffy brand of instant cake mix and made new ones. They are delicious. Is it bad that the recipe I was trying to do was called "Kid Simple Cupcakes" ? KID SIMPLE. *sigh* Oh well. The Jiffy kind hit the spot and I'm thinking I'll stick with those. I DID make the frosting with success and it's so yummy! I'll never buy the canned stuff again. Luckily, it's quick and easy to make. Phooey on the kid simple cakes. Hmph. :)
We are digging out of snow today, but it's 40 degrees outside which is warm in my book! Yay! I'm off now to get Paige from her nap...I can hear her chattering away.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Strike a Pose

Hey there!

Here's some pics of Paige from a little photoshoot I did the other day. She's having fun in her chair in her nursery. She was about to take a nap; thank goodness I have blackout shades that pull over the windows! It can get bright in there. :)

Nursery Fun

Hangin' Around

I See the Dog

Thursday, February 11, 2010



Because she can't say "no" yet, I've put Paige in a pink tutu. Oh, yes.

Tutu sitting

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wonder Twins

Paige and her Twin
Here is Paige and her twin. Wonder twins ACTIVATE! In the form of....Musical Octopus!
(for those not familiar, that was an old school cartoon reference)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Monday!

Breakfast Fun
Hi friends!
Happy Monday! Chris let me have most of the weekend "off" so that I could get out and have some alone time. It was fabulous! On Saturday, I started my first sewing lesson. I've been dying to learn to sew and a wonderful woman who lives in the next town over teaches classes. We're making a basic skirt. I learned a lot but am still wondering how I'll ever remember how to thread the darned machine...the bobbin part is confusing to me. It doesn't help that my short-term memory is HORRIBLE. I see a lot of practice in my future. I'm excited though!
Sunday was spent getting a massage and then off to do some shopping to replace clothes that no longer fit. On your advice, I hit up Forever 21 for some trendy things and then my favorite Banana Republic and JCrew for jeans and basic shirts (things were on big-time sale, so that was a good reason too). It was a nice break to go out and about and not worry about rushing home for nap time or worrying about anything. Thanks Chris! You're the best!!! As always, I was happy to come home to you both.
Here's a photo of Paige and me at the start of the weekend; I look like poo, but it was first thing in the morning and Paige was smiley. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hats On!

Knit froggie hat
Hi friends!

Here is a cute and funny hat my Mom's lovely cousin Jason and his awesome wife Martha sent to Paige as part of a fun package. It's knit and looks like a frog! It fits her perfectly and as you can see she enjoys it. :) There's just something about babies in hats...
Frog knit hat
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