Me and Wee: August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Work


Hi friends!
Phew. I'm ready to pass out. I just finished a whole boatload of new work for the shop! There's lots of stationery and I've introduced custom silhouettes to the mix!





My silhouettes are unique because I've added a painted floral background that makes it look sort of rustic and hipster. I can do pets, kids and babies, adults (brides and grooms?), families, or other animals. I have a choice of 4 different backgrounds to choose from and 5 different "name banners" that can go on the bottom of the silo. Custom silhouettes make for a special gift since they are personalized and made just for you. You can check out the selection at the Me & Wee etsy shop. There, you'll find lots of choices for animals ready-made. I hope you'll keep the silhouettes in mind as we head toward the holidays...or they're great for birthdays and anniversaries, baby showers, bridal showers and all that jazz.




Monogram Floral Stationery
The monogram custom stationery:
This is a luxurious set of customized stationery featuring a hand-painted watercolor floral wreath and monogram. Set of 8. These are professionally printed using fade-proof inks on ultra-thick, soft cotton Crane's Lettra paper. These notecards are flat and tea-length...they make a unique impression on the recipient! You simply choose your letter and I do the rest. I'm selling them in sets of 8. You can find these at the Me & Wee Etsy shop too...
Monogram Floral Stationery

Monogram Floral Stationery

Monogram Floral Stationery

Monogram Floral Stationery

Penguin Stationery
Finally, I've converted some of my previous illustrations into stationery options. This whimsical stationery is great for kids and adults alike. Great for thank-you notes or for a letter in the lunchox. Find them here!
Birdie Teatime Stationery
 Elephant Stationery

 Bird on Mushroom Stationery

So, that's what I've been working on and where I've been...I hope you like them!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

7 months

7 Months

Dearest Little N.,

Hi little Nut! Time is still flying by and you are now 7 perfect months old. No worries, you are still adorably squishy and warm and huggable and squeezable and all things nice.
I've been having such a wonderful time holding you and making you laugh. You're a smiler and a laugher and that makes things extra fun during the day; I can't get enough!
Let's see...not a ton of things are new in terms of updates on your growth. You are still rolling all around (you get around quite nicely now!) and you still don't have teeth (although you are drooling constantly and are forever gnawing on your fingers so they're on their way!).


You are continuing to babble and make lots of fun noises and squeals. You are also proving how strong you are by constantly grabbing at things and yanking chunks of my hair out at the root. Good times!


Your sister wasn't much of a grabber compared to you. Boy, we have to watch out around you! Poor Maren the Wonder Dog...her ears will never be the same I'm sure. I think it's proving that you are going to be quite the curious bird and plan on getting into lots of things. I'd better get ready! I need a nap just thinking about it.


What's that face for? You must be saying: "Nap? Sleep? Naw, I have plans. BIG plans and they don't involve sleep."
You outgrew your swaddle last week, so you've been learning to fall asleep with your arms free and the ability to roll around your crib. You've had a hard time with the transition, but I think we're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It's taken about a week so far, but I think you're finally in a place where you can get comfortable (on your side) and zonk out. Your naps were almost non-existent this past week and I was getting worried. But, now you seem to be getting back to normal. I can silence my "Serenity Now!!!" screams. At least when it comes to your napping issues anyway. Ha!

Noah, being your Mama has been such a deep joy. I'm so lucky you're mine. You are sweet, snuggly, happy and agreeable. You're so easy going and calm; I can take you anywhere and you just happily sit in your carseat as you watch the action. It's so refreshing! You'll be happy to know everyone stops to look at you and comment on how cute you are and you always give this coy little smile and hide your face. Don't deny it, you love it. And you should. You won't be a baby forever, but you'll ALWAYS be my little fella.
I love you more than the universe my little boo-bear. Not a minute goes by where I don't marvel at the miracle that is you. I love every second I'm with you and am so honored by the gift of your smiles and coos. I'm a better person with each one. I'm so proud of the wonderful little man you are and please know that you're special no matter what. I love you always and forever.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Giving up the swaddle!

Noah in the Jumperoo

We've been squeezing Noah into his Miracle Blanket up until yesterday. Yep, he was squished and jammed into that thing without an inch of fabric to spare. In fact, it was totally stretched to the limit. Well, now, he gets out of it pretty much instantly and I just can't cram him in there anymore. But he slept so well in it!
Soooooo, we sadly moved him into a sleep sack. It's been an epic nightmare thus far...he just doesn't know what to do with himself and his arms flail all around. He rolls over and gets stuck. His paci falls out. Blah blah blahhh.
I figured "hey! I'll just swaddle him in one of those fancy swaddle blankets we got! They are bigger!" I did a good tight swaddle but the stretchy material allowed his little arms to come right out of there. Darn it! He just rolls around the bed and cries as he tries to figure out what to do. sigh. Looks like it's going to be a long few days.
I've decided to just rip this band aid off and continue on with the sleep sack and ween off the paci. He has to learn how to soothe himself and fall asleep on his own. But that doesn't mean it will be easy! There will be tears and screaming and rolling around, and then I'll need to deal with Noah! ha!
Wish us luck. I'm gonna need it.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Mom Phrase

The other day we were in the car and Paige kept whining about this or that. Waaa waaa waaaaaahh! It was a car trip of decent length and I'd about had it with the fussing and steam was coming out of my ears. She began losing her nut over which damned My Little Pony show was playing in the DVD player (aren't they all the same and equally terrible?) and I snapped out the classic line: "You get what you get and you don't get upset!" Only it came out all crazy and maniacal. And with the thickest New England/Maine accent (that only comes out of me when I'm pissed or talking to old friends) it sounded more like "Ya get whatya GET and yadon't GET UPSET!"
I sat there stunned that I just shouted the most cliche line in the most cliche moment of all time. (P.S...that line never works...the kid ALWAYS gets even more upset. ALWAYS.) Who the hell had I become??!!! The shame only lasted a second and gave way to a kind of proud feeling.

Awwww yeah. I need to make a list of classic Mom lines and see if I can incorporate them all into ONE DAY.  See? This is the dumb crap I think about when I'm alone after the kids go to bed.
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