Me and Wee: November 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Newest Work

Wow, I've been a busy lady lately. Kiddos, painting and unpacking, Oh my!
I'm popping by quickly to show you my two latest shop additions!

The first is the You Are My Sunshine art print (perfect for a nursery!)
You can get it in an 8 x 10 size or an 11 x 14 size.

You are my sunshine

The other is an "I Miss Ewe" greeting card. Punny! A great card for a sheep lover; obviously.
I miss ewe

Both are available in my shop! I hope you like them!

I feel like I'm really starting to zero in on my artistic style and what I love to do most. Painting with Acryla Gouache has been such a joy. It's easy. It's quick. It's fun. I use a mix of regular gouache and acryla, depending on what I'm doing. I also feel like I'm discovering my intent as an artist; so I think I'll talk about that in my next post. Exciting things going on over here!!!
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