Me and Wee: 14 weeks 4 days

Friday, November 7, 2008

14 weeks 4 days

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! I've actually been feeling ok this queasiness like before.
I'm just crazily tired. To demonstrate this, I went to bed last night promptly at 7:20 in the evening. I've even managed to shock myself with that one! I was going about my business and I started to almost fall asleep while I was eating dinner. I had this urgent need to just "get into bed dammit! and Hurry!" I obliged and after 12 hours of sleeping I am "awake" and ready for a new day. Supposedly. In the meantime, I noticed that I have a little pouch finally! Usually when I wake up my stomach is pretty "flat" and as the day wears on I get all bloated and belly-rific. Yesterday, I woke up and when I glanced in the mirror at my side view (yes, I check each morning...don't judge me!) I noticed a bit of a bulge/pouch taking shape. Only I would notice it, but I swear it is there. I also noticed that the jeans I could button the day before could no longer button (or zip). Scientific proof! I realized the other morning, when I was getting dressed for Bob's funeral, that most of my pants no longer fit. I'd sort of figured I could wear them, but just leave them unzipped and unbuttoned but wear a stretch band across the top that hides that fact. A long shirt to hide it all and voila! But, my plans were foiled when I pulled on each pair of pants to find that my thighs were so squished into them that they looked painted on. They were so tight up there that I was giving off an impression I just didn't want to give! So much for the "just unbutton the pants" theory. I'm sure Bob wouldn't truly care that I looked like a bag lady at his service, but I was starting to panic. In the end, I luckily found one pair of pants that still worked in the thighs and off I went. This little exercise made me realize that while it's fine to wear sweats and pajamas at home during the day, you can't really go into the real world like that. I scurried off to the mall yesterday and found a pair of maternity cordouroy pants that are like heaven to wear. Now, at least I can leave the house and not look like a hobo. I am at the interesting "in-between" stage where I don't look pregnant yet but a lot of my clothes aren't fitting right. Yet I'm too cheap to just buy clothes a size larger that I'll only have for a few weeks. Perhaps if I become a temporary hermit, I can spend the next month in the house wearing only jammies and then emerge as a fully blossomed pregnant woman come December. It's a little "Howard Hughes" but it just might work. I promise I won't pee in any jars.


alicia said...

haha! I am glad your belly is showing! Mine has just started! I want one soo bad, and I think I am going to be one of those small bellied women! haha!

My pants are the same, but I have been using the belly band, and leaving my pants undone and it is still working, but I think I am going to have to purchase some mat pants soon!

hope you feel better soon! I finally am! yuppee but I went to bed super ealry last night too, so my energy is only around on some days! haha

good thoughts said...

Glad to hear you are doing well and getting your rest!

I know what an accomplishment it is to have that little pouch and to fit into maternity clothes finally - even if it's just a little bit! I started wearing maternity pants (the kind with the thin band, not the full panel pants) right around 15 weeks. I recommend Old Navy if you have one around you that carries the maternity stuff (you can find out online).

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