Me and Wee: One Week!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One Week!

Hey friends!
I cannot believe it has been a week since Paige was born. Time has FLOWN by. I've spent most of my time recovering and doing baby-related things. I've had a lot of physical issues that have resulted from the labor, so I haven't been able to move around much. What else is new? I'll be able to expand on that when I write the birth story (a task I'll need more time to do!). First, though, I wanted to thank everyone for your wonderful and kind comments. We were so touched by everyone's words. I really appreciate how we have been in your thoughts and has obviously been what has gotten us through to this point! We are so grateful for you all and for Paige's safe arrival. It is not lost on us that we are very lucky and need to honor every second with her. In my most tired or frustrated moments, I look at our Little P and I think of how special she is and how precious the miracle of her arrival was been. I've spent a lot of time crying (thanks a lot, hormones!) and feeling sentimental that a week has already gone by and she's already changing little by little. I can't bear to miss a moment! Anyway, I can't write for long so I will leave you with a TON of pictures to commemorate Paige's first week of life and all the first things she's done. She's been a busy lady, that is for sure. I hope you enjoy this picture-filled post! One more thing: Paige has a favorite song now. It's called "Colours" by Donovan. You can listen to it here. (I cry when I hear it now as I look at her pictures). You may have to hit the "play" button where the video is and you'll be able to hear the song. That video isn't mine though. Onto the pictures!!!

Meeting Nana for the first time
Meeting Nana

Meeting Nana and Grandpa was emotional and fun!
With Grandpa and Nana

Chillin' with Grandpa
meeting Grandpa

Getting ready for our first night's rest at the hospital
our first night after the birth

At Peace (and you can see the nasty spit-up on the blankie...ick)
at peace (and spit up!)

The Going Home outfit in action
Going home outfit

Waiting for the hospital to discharge us
Waiting for hospital discharge

Home!! Crossing the threshold to our new life
Crossing the Threshold

Maren meets Paige: and falls in love.
Paige meets Maren

First night home in the crib! (she was a champ!)
First night home

Whoa! The first swing ride (she loved it, but only for 5 minutes or so for now)
First time in the swing!

Taking a nap on Mom is tough work

Peering around the pack n play is fun
Peering around

A nice morning nap

Her first sponge bath at home went great! She loved the shampoo and hated the rest. Who wouldn't?
Loving a nice shampoo

Uncle Jason did great feeding his first niece.
Dining with Uncle Jason

Godmommy Sue was so excited to meet Paige. She gave Paige lots of fun books to read.
Paige and Godmommy Sue

Nana has been staying with us for this week to help us out with all the household and baby-care tasks. What a heavenly help!!!
Paige and Nana

Spending time looking cute is always on the agenda
Lookin' Cute!

It was great to meet Grandma Carty! (and Grandpa Carty)
Paige and Grandma Carty

Auntie Anne and her family came by to meet Paige too!
Paige and Auntie Anne

Phew! What a week! A family snuggle on the couch was in order.
The whole family!

Daddy Chris has done all the work for the baby all week! He's such a champ. His two girls in his arms agree. I am so thrilled to have chosen such a wonderful man to marry and have a family with. I feel so lucky whenever I look at him.
We are both even more thrilled that Paige chose us to be her parents. It's been a huge honor so far and my love swells more and more with each passing moment.
Dad, Dog, Daughter


Diana said...

You must be floating on Cloud 9 right now. That photo of Paige sleeping on you is priceless. Congratulations again!

Erin McCall said...

What wonderful photos - I especially love the one with Maren checking Paige out for the first time. I wonder what our boxer will do when our time comes in November...

Congrats again!


Lor said...

She is SO cute!! I also especially love the photo where she is sleeping on you. You should have it framed.
I am very happy for the 4 of you (the cute dog, too, of course).

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

You've made me cry with how happy everyone looks, including Paige. x

Hillary said...

Oh how sweet, I loved all the pictures. It reminds me when our little guy came home. Savor this special time!

Unknown said...

I LOOVEE all the photos! It's so fun to see her in the crib that made me fall in love with your blog in the first place :) She's such a little bean in that big crib! Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

Love the photos. Paige is precious. Hope you're recovering okay.

Stephanie said...

Oh, and enjoy your very first Mother's Day this weekend!!! Congrats. :)

Nikole said...

Congratulations, Megan. Paige is gorgeous. I hope you are feeling better soon!

alicia said...

ahh she is soo cute!!! love all the photos!

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