Me and Wee: 15 months

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

15 months

Just wandering

Mama and P

Dear Little P.,
You turned 15 months old today and with such zest! You began really running today, zipping around at lightning speed. You love trying to get me or Maren the wonder dog to chase you. You laugh and squeal with such makes my heart melt and catching you is one of my most favorite things! You've gotten good at climbing up onto the furniture (grrrr) but haven't yet perfected the whole issue of getting back down. I'll be happy when that's been mastered! You also love to find a set of stairs to climb up. You like to give me heart attacks like that. Since you are now climbing, it's hard to take you to the playgrounds that have play structures because you can climb up them, but they all have openings where you can fall out. So, you end up crying all the time because I take you down from them. I want to encourage you to climb, but in a safe way.

Exploring the twigs

I'm now finding new places to take you that don't involve climbing structures that are huge and dangerous. The Acton Arboretum; nearby, is the perfect place. It's huge and filled with gardens, woods, trails, paths, bridges and just overall beauty to explore.

Over the bridge

Under the archway

You can run completely freely and safely. You LOVE it! There's so much to explore, find, and touch. I like it because I don't have to be in panic mode and there's nothing for you to climb up and fall off of. Yet. Lucky for me you aren't climbing trees at this point. Anyway, we spent the cooler part of the morning there just enjoying the atmosphere and spending some nice time together.

So many flowers

Later in the day, after your nap, we went swimming at Walden Pond. Such a beautiful, clear and clean body of water but way too crowded! I think the little pond and beach just across the way will be where we spend most of our water time from now on. It's got much more room for running around and much less people! (It DOES have a darned play structure for you to climb, but you aren't interested when we are going in the water.) I hope you had a fun day today. I had fun with you. I had a hard time getting you out of the water; you kept wanting to run deeper and deeper in and you didn't even seem to mind when you accidentally went over your head and gulped too much water. I tried to seem calm in front of you but I was freaking the heck out inside. You make me want to be brave; for your sake and my own. Anyway, you are in LOVE with the water and it's fun to watch you putter all around and flail your arms in it. The joy you express is contagious to everyone around you; mostly me.

It's funny. People always warned me about how different things were to be when you started walking. There was such a negative spin on it. I was practically terrified. I was worried about all the trouble you'd get into and how I would have "so much more work." Now that it has happened, I am happy to report that I'm really enjoying myself and this time. You are definitely doing a lot more, but it's much more fun now. I was always vigilant to watch over you before, so not much has changed for me in that area. But now, I can take you places and plop you down and off you go! It's almost EASIER now. I feel like I've rejoined the world and you get to be part of it too. It's fun to watch you make discoveries and find out about the world on your own two feet. Life just got a whole lot more interesting and enriched and I'm loving every second of being with you. You really helped me get back out there and smell the roses and for that I'm forever grateful.
I'm so proud and happy for you. I'm one lucky Mama.
Love you always and forever,


Mama and Paige


Paty said...

She is adorable! happy 15 months! My Barbara and her are just few days away!

val said...

She looks like she's gotten so BIG in the bridge and archway pictures. I can't believe it. :)

EFamily said...

Hi, I was curious if you and Paige have played with the Teach My Baby kit you got for her bday? What's your review on it? Is it worth getting? why or why not? Thanks!

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