Me and Wee: 17 months

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

17 months


Dear Little P.,
You are 17 months today!
We celebrated by going to your Music Together class (which you are loving!) and then home for a nice lunch and nap. So far so good! Summer has ended (booo) and now we are starting to settle in to autumn. We are making plans for some nice walks in the woods so you can collect your beloved leaves. You LOVE leaves!


You like to find one and hold onto it as you play around the yard. Sometimes you'll carry two if you're feeling crazy. Playing outside is much easier, though, now that it isn't quite as scorching hot. And you LOVE playing outside. Hot activities right now are: leaf collecting, playing in the bubbles I blow, and touching all things nature.


You also enjoy running into your playhouse to open and close the shutters.


Indoors, you are enjoying playing with your little stuffed doll we've creatively named Dolly. You take her everywhere and sleep with her during every nap and night. You've even started "feeding" her by giving her food you are snacking on as well as drinks you are enjoying. It's cute to see you try and put a straw in her embroidered mouth. And you say "umm, yumm, yummm" to add a realistic twist. I guess you notice I say Yum yum yum to you when you are having your meals. On another note, that counts as another word you can say! You're a wee bit behind with your language, so it's always exciting when you surprise us with a new sound. I feel like there's all these words bubbling up inside of you just waiting to burst out. You certainly babble enough to give me that impression!
You are growing so fast. One day you were comfortably wearing a size 5 shoe, and the next day your heel was hanging off the back and we couldn't fit your sneakers on you. In shock, we took you off to get measured and you are now a size 7. So much for all the great size 6 shoes you'd inherited from your cousins. Now, you just have to grow into those sweet feet of yours. I'm sure you won't have any problem with that, right? Here's a photo of our summer 2010 shoes we wore most.


This past month has been so wonderful with you. We are adoring playing games with you that make you laugh. You have such a wonderful and robust belly laugh that I'll never tire of hearing. It's my favorite sound, of course! You are a bundle of running energy but you always find time to savor a good book or two. I like your style.



As for adventures, we visited Nana and Grampa up in Maine for the day one weekend. We got to have lunch on the shore in Portland and then we went to L.L. Bean. You were grumpy from a lack of nap, but you had some shining moments. We also went to Boston Common and the Public Garden one day. There, we visited with the ducks and you ran a bit in the park.


You got to visit and pose with the seal on the portion of the Common called the Carty Parade Ground, named after your great-grandfather.


Your Daddy proposed to me near there so it is a special place. You seemed to like it there, and didn't complain once during our exciting P.F. Chang's lunch. And recently, for Daddy's birthday, we went to Rockport, MA for the day and enjoyed the shops and sites. The park was especially fun for you as Daddy chased you all around and made you laugh the whole time. I think your laughter was the best gift he got that day.



I'm excited to see what new things this month will bring. I look forward to your smile every day. It lights up my heart and my life. How'd we get so lucky to have such a special angel as you?
I love you always and forever Little P.,
Love you to the moon and back,


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