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Friday, July 1, 2011

Writing Style

Hi friends!
I've totally abandoned this space, it seems. sigh. Well, we've been enjoying the summer in these parts! We got a membership at a local pool so that Paige can go and splash around to her heart's content; and the rest of the time has been spent in her therapies or going to playdates (or running errands and playing) The time just seems to fly and get away from me!
In case you missed it, I added an update to my last post about my toy reduction experiment. You'll see it went well and is something I plan to continue. For children with sensory processing issues, it seems to help the "overwhelm factor" to a minimum. Love it!
Onto what's on my mind:
When I noticed I hadn't written in a while, I took some time to think about why that is. Aside from being generally busy and too tired to make it a priority, I think it also has to do with the fact that I've been struggling to figure out what my writing voice should be here. I want to sound like myself here, but also don't want to offend people. I want to inspire and uplift and not turn anyone off. But, at the same time, I like to joke around, swear, and complain in a funny way about things. I have found that I censor myself all the time and I end up feeling like this blog doesn't always feel like MINE. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. I want to come to this space and say things the way I think them and stop trying to make it sound like someone else wrote it. Do you know what I mean? I can't keep trying to please everyone. I'd like to start making it markedly MY OWN and add the candid silliness that I crave. It's my creative outlet, after all. So, that's what I'm gonna do. Sound like a plan? OK, that said, I will be back here soon. Hopefully the posts will be more frequent and more ME.


Sapphire said...

Please be yourself! Don't you know that's why we come to read your blog? We don't want the same middle of the road thinking from another blog. We need/crave new ideas, thoughts, boundary pushing and ideas to help us think beyond the middle in our own lives.

Why does everyone feel that everyone needs to agree with them all the time? What a boring world! If everyone agreed with everything we'd have nothing to talk about and nothing to learn! That's just my 2 cents.

Sarah said...

Swear away, it feels more real!


Anne said...

I agree--say whatever you think or feel! I'd rather you be candid than hide your true self. In fact, I think I would like this blog even more with some craziness and profanity thrown in :).

Unknown said...

If you can't be yourself on your own blog, then where can you be? The blogs that I tend to follow read as if I'm having a casual chat with friends - I think that's what makes us feel connected to each other.
It's funny because I held back from starting a blog for a really long time because I absolutely HATE to write, but as long as I'm writing in my own voice about things that I'm really passionate about - I actually enjoy it. Stop by sometime!

Home Sweet Home Place said...

F bombs welcome!

Nikole said...

Bring it on, mama!

Rasasthali said...

I am waiting for continuation and more photos - I really like this blog! I could not find any well written maternity blogs and this has been quite helpful for me.

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