Me and Wee: Little P's Big Girl Room

Friday, December 16, 2011

Little P's Big Girl Room

Ps Big Girl Room

Hi friends!
We finally finished up with Paige's new big girl room! Phew!
We took all the elements that were in her nursery and transferred them over to this new space and changed up the bed, dresser, and bookcase. Her nursery furniture and old room now will belong to Baby N. We're working on his room now!

Nightstand Side

-As you can see, we added a nightstand (Ikea) and added seagrass wallpaper to the front of the drawers to add a little something extra to the look. (Just like we'd done with Paige's dresser in her nursery).

-The bamboo wooden mobile is from Petit Collage.

-The owl print on canvas is also from Petit Collage. Not sure if they are selling it anymore, but they have lots of great choices for wall art!

-The curtains in the yellow chevron pattern were from Windows By Melissa (she was super friendly and easy to work with!).


-The butterflies over the bed are removable and can be taken off and put back on over and over and over again. So easy! I love them. They came from Love Mae on Etsy. There's tons of product and great decals and ideas there. I even got Paige a cool paper doll decal from's currently on the wall in my living room.

-The letters came from Michael's craft store. They came in white, so I spray-painted them yellow gloss. Easy!

Over the Bed

-The rug is from her nursery; it had come from Crate and Barrel back in 2008-2009. It's a simple cream shag in size 4 x 6 feet.

-P needs a little step stool to get into the bed; so we found a white one that has a lid that lifts for storage at Buy Buy Baby.

-Her toddler bedrails also came from there.

Book Nook

Paige's book nook is my favorite part of the room.

-Her yellow chair is a slipcover custom-made by Calico Corners. The chair is really a pea-green velvet number I found at the Salvation Army store for 9 bucks when I was in my early twenties.

-The Hooray banner came from the shop called Nice on Etsy. I love it! It's how we felt in bringing Paige into the world.

-The fabric hoops...fabric came from Purl Soho and the hoops came from JoAnne Fabrics

-The bookcase came from Ikea and I painted the back wall of it yellow. It got all scraped up, so I would probably line it with paper once it's all put together (if I were to do it over again).

-The lampshades all came from Anthropologie back in 2008

-The dachshund lamp was found at Modern Nursery

-The kitchen towel draped on the back of the chair is from Anthropologie circa early 2009.

-The pillow on the chair came from West Elm in 2008. It was meant for our bedroom, but Paige kept bringing into her room again and again so I just leave it there now. Ha!

Dollie Bed

We put Paige's little doll bed next to her own bed for now. She's still not really into playing with dolls yet. The doll bed was a steal from Ikea. The blanket was crocheted by my dear friend's mother for Paige when she was born.

Dresser and Hamper

-The bed and dresser came from our local huge furniture chain called Jordan's Furniture. It was on sale as it was to be discontinued. I loved the scallop detail on both the bed and the dresser.

-The elephant hamper came from Home Decorator's Collection. It's the medium sized one in the color honey.

-The stuffed owl came from Modern Nursery.

-You can see I store P's changing pad in the nook next to the dresser and wall. When I need to change her (potty training just can't happen right now) I throw the pad on the bed and go about our business.

-The print above the dresser came from the esteemed Erin Stead, winner of the 2011 Caldecott Medal for her illustrations in the book A Sick Day for Amos McGee. (For anyone that doesn't know; that medal is basically the "Best Picture" Oscar for illustrators. Doesn't get bigger!) That book is a huge favorite around here; and these illustrations are my favorite from any book by far. She has offered a very limited selection of prints from the book for sale and I jumped at it. I had it framed at Michael's craft store. Paige chose the print she wanted and she loves it. I like that it's a real piece of art that holds monetary value as well as memories. Read more about Erin Stead (this was the first book she's ever illustrated!!!!) and her story here.

Dresser Top


I'd be remiss if I didn't include a picture of Paige's beloved wooden train. Handmade, here!

A Real Closet

I would also be remiss if I didn't show P's real closet inside with no picking up. There's a drawer thingie for her socks, medical stuff, hair stuff and whatnot. And there's a bigger drawer thingie (all from Bed Bath Beyond) to hold some toys. It makes cleanup easy for her. (I certainly won't do it for her!!)

I hope you enjoyed your tour and that you like her space! I love playing in there with her. It's cozy and happy, and most important of all...she loves it!


Kat said...

woahhh! lucky p! i think i want that for my room!

Unknown said...

You've created yet another adorable kiddo room! Thanks for including all of the sources as well :)
I'm jealous of all your progress - my due date is only 3 weeks away and I feel like I've gotten nothing done with converting my 2 year olds room and working on the new baby's room. I'm still waiting for some nesting to kick in I guess, lol.

Meghan said...

Oh, it's perfect! A little girl's dream! Can't wait to see what you do with the nursery now. :)

val said...

Thanks for sharing! Love the colors and the new curtains.

Brenda said...

great room! cant wait to see it in upcoming magazine articles! its amazing! what is the paint color you used for this bedroom? is it still Robin's Nest from Benjamin Moore from her Nursery?

Unknown said...

Brenda, thanks!!! :)
Yep, the color is the same. :)

Brenda said...

One last question promise!, which kind of paint of Benjamin moore did you use? the BEN?, AURA?, ECO Spec? Thanks!!

Unknown said...

Brenda; I honestly have no idea! We don't have the can anymore and the painting was done back in July/August. I'm sorry I'm not more help in that arena!

Melissa said...

oooh....gorgeousness. I especially love Paige's reading nook. The Anthro tea towel on the repurposed 9 buck chair is simply great. Love the bus print too. Thanks for letting us in and look around! (Did I miss where her bedspread is from? Looks like maybe Pottery Barn? We got our wee one a whole nursery set that resembles P's from Pottery P's!) Happy December from Vancouver!

Andrea said...

This nursery is adorable! If anyone wants this crib set, I have one for sale! Its like new! email me

Mandz said...

Hi - I know this is an older post, but hoping I can still find out where the bedspread is from. I don't think i see it listed. thanks! it's beautiful.

Unknown said...

Hi Mandz!
The bedspread was from Pottery Barn Kids. Not sure if they still carry it, but it's worth a shot! I know they have lots of things, at least, that look similar! Good luck!

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