Me and Wee: One Month!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One Month!


Dear Little Noah,

Hi Little Fella! You are one month old today! Time has flown by; I can't believe how big you are already getting! Here's your stats from today's 1 month doctor checkup: 10 pounds, 21.5 inches, and 15 cm head measurement. Yay! To quote the doctor: A growing baby is a good baby!
You are more than a good baby. You are superb and excellent. The sweetest and the cutest! I'm biased, I know. But it's still true!
You spend your sleepy times swaddled in your Miracle blanket and the rest of the time is spent eating, burping, or quietly peering around at the world. You only cry (yelping is more like it) when you are ready to eat; we are so lucky so far! Your stretches between feedings right now are around 4.5 hours or so. Sometimes 5 hours or sometimes 3.5 depending on your growth spurt of the moment.
You have been putting up with my taking constant photos and videos of you; I just want to capture every little moment because I know how fast they go. Thanks for obliging me! I love the little squeaky gulping noises you make as you eat. I love the little grunting noises you make while you're trying to burp. I love the little soft sighs you make when you lay on my chest. All things I try to capture on video so I can watch and cry over one day.
You seem to enjoy joining us for dinner at night. We bring your little recline chair onto the kitchen table so you can sit and be with us. Paige loves watching you kick your legs while she eats (or while we shove bites into her mouth...more like). We've also starting giving you some tummy time on your little neck pillow. Your neck is getting stronger every day! You look like a little baby bird peeking out of the nest.
The truth is, you fit into our family so well. Like a missing puzzle just plopped right into the middle of things like you've always been here. Maybe you always have, right inside my heart and dreams. I'm so glad you've chosen us to be your family and ME to be your Mama. I'm still shocked you are here; part of me is still living back at just finding out I was pregnant with you! But, time has flown by and now you are here. I look at you and wonder why I was ever worried about the extra work you might bring my way. There should never have been any doubt or worry because you are absolutely perfect and so easy. I learned my trust in God and know that He will provide what is best. I hope you can carry that lesson with you as well. Trust in God enough to allow Him to create greatness in your life and know that he wants to make all your biggest dreams come true if you will let it happen. If you do your part, He will do His.
On another sentimental note, here is the text from a card that your Grammie sent to you to celebrate your birth; it so perfectly fits all my feelings and thoughts into such a neat package:

(His first smile! Too bad the darn paci was in the way!)

His fingers are so tiny, so marvelously perfect.

Soon they will reach out to touch the smiling faces of everyone around him...
These little hands will explore, discover, and bring the world to him for his inspection and delight.
With these hands he will throw balls, capture bugs, and build castles in the sand.
He will use them to open books and unlock the doors to knowledge.
These are the hands that may someday sculpt, make music, or cuddle children of his own.
His hands are so tiny now, and yet within them lie the future and the fulfillment of all his precious dreams.
So hold him gently and watch with pride as he reaches out in love and joy to all of life.

I look at your tiny hands and wonder what your future will bring. It all seems so exciting and filled with possibilities.
On your one month birthday, I wish for you much happiness, love, and fulfillment in your life. That you chase your dreams and wishes with excitement, vigor, and with your best efforts. I will always be so proud of you. Reach for the stars with those precious hands that I love so much. I will always do my best to hold you up toward them.
I love you always and forever,


P.S. Happy first Valentine's Day! We gave you a card with a note in it, a little book, and some cool "foot discovery socks" and wrist rattles. In case you wondered in the future. We love you!



Sapphire said...

Love, love, love these letters and photos! I can't believe you are finding time to write up these letters again. I remember when you did them for Paige and I just though you wouldn't have the time or the engery to do them for a 2nd child but you've surprised me and made it a priority. Good for you!
What an awesome gift to little Noah! These will be words from his Mama forever! I'm so inspired by you! Thank you for sharing and being a model of doing what's important! I now feel like I can do it too! Thank you!

alicia said...

ahh he is so cute!! trust in God, sometimes so hard! glad little noah could help you do it a little more!

Julia said...

He is so cute! And you look great!

val said...

Love the pictures, especially the first one - so cute! Can't believe it's been a month already!!

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